Teach Organization’s and George Latimer’s Controversial Strategy: Changing Party Affiliations to Oust Congressman Bowman


Under the Teach Action Fund, the Teach organization is supporting George Latimer and actively attempting to persuade Republicans to change their party affiliation from Republican to Democrat in order to remove Congressman Jamaal Bowman from office. Their website prominently features the slogan “COMMUNITY OVER PARTY.”

The website highlights the upcoming election on June 25, which hinges on the Democratic primary. The key message is the importance of electing a candidate who prioritizes ensuring the safety and welfare of the Jewish community. It’s essential to understand that only registered Democrats are eligible to participate in this pivotal election. However, the organization is actively engaged in efforts to convert Republicans, Independents, and Conservatives into registered Democrats, enabling them to vote in this crucial election. It’s worth noting that these registrants dont align with the Democratic Party’s principles and values, but the ultimate goal is to gain control of the Democratic Primary.

We have already reported that AIPAC and other supporters of George Latimer campaign are putting millions of Republican dotations behind Latimer. According to a Lohud report, the Teach Coalition plans to spend a substantial $1.6 million to remove Congressman Jamaal. In addition, wealthy GOP donor Alex Dubitsky, a supporter of former President Trump, is hosting a fundraiser for Democrat George Latimer. The Repulicans have found a safe haven in George Latimer to control the party.

Critics contend that the organization’s emphasis on the community over party that their loyaty neglects the diverse cultural elements and broader concerns within NYCD16. This prompts inquiries into whether George Latimer will openly distance himself from this approach or if he might be seen as potentially adopting a strategy reminiscent of former President Trump’s approach to radicalizing the Republican Party. Such a strategy could involve encouraging extreme elements to infiltrate the Democratic party, potentially sidelining other ethnic groups in NYCD16 from the political process.

We also wonder why they claim that Anti-semitism is at stake in this election. We’re curious if Congressman Bowman has made any remarks or taken actions that could be deemed anti-semitic. In reality, many registered Democrats within NYCD16 fully support Congressman Bowman. It’s worth noting that this perspective differs significantly from that of the radical right-wing organization making these claims.

While some argue that Latimer should denounce these actions if he were a genuine Democrat, they believe he won’t, as he prioritizes winning, even if it diminishes the influence of those who truly believe in the Democratic values and Black voters—the same voters Latimer courts on the campaign trail.

This strategy aims to impede the ability of Black and Brown communities to vote effectively by enlisting individuals from different parties to bolster Latimer’s support. It’s disheartening because some Black voters, loyal to the party, may not realize by supporting Latimer that they are unintentionally relinquishing their political influence because NYCD16 will be infested with Republicans controlling the Democratic process in Westchester’s Democratic Party.

DAMON K JONEShttps://damonkjones.com
A multifaceted personality, Damon is an activist, author, and the force behind Black Westchester Magazine, a notable Black-owned newspaper based in Westchester County, New York. With a wide array of expertise, he wears many hats, including that of a Spiritual Life Coach, Couples and Family Therapy Coach, and Holistic Health Practitioner. He is well-versed in Mental Health First Aid, Dietary and Nutritional Counseling, and has significant insights as a Vegan and Vegetarian Nutrition Life Coach. Not just limited to the world of holistic health and activism, Damon brings with him a rich 32-year experience as a Law Enforcement Practitioner and stands as the New York Representative of Blacks in Law Enforcement of America.

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