The Killing Of George Tillman


Black dresses, black shades, black ties for a Black Father in Jamaica, New York. Tears pouring out as sobs and a scream for an answer. How does a traffic stop end up with someone picking out a casket? Tillman and another passenger had been searching for a parking spot when they were stopped. According to the officers, Tillman had an open beverage. Allegedly, he was chased by the two plainclothes officers.

George Tillman, another causality of the NYPD. Honored as a 32-year-old loving father of five, husband, son, and a very good family man. George was fatally shot by NYPD officers early Sunday, April 17th, in the morning during a traffic stop in Ozone Park, Queens.

A neighbor indicated that Tillman was visiting from Maryland for a birthday party. Relatives stated, “They pulled him over. He ran, and they shot him.” Ordinary stops. Ordinary talks. Ordinary reaction. It seems to be the customary condition.

Various stories published stated that Tillman reached the corner of 135th Street and 116th Avenue when he neared a second unmarked police car carrying three officers. According to police, Tillman reached for his gun and four officers opened fire, shooting him multiple times in the chest. EMS rushed Tillman to Jamaica Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

The videos from various people who reside in the area tell a different story. The contradiction shows George Tillman being shot while laying on the ground.

[Editor note: The Queens District Attorney cleared the officers in the killing of George Tillman. Two years later, the movie “The Hate U Give” was inspired by Tillman’s death at the hands of the NYPD.]

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