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Danielle Henry from Orange County was a part of The Women’s March of 2017, except she is more than the average advocate for women’s rights. She is a daughter who was taught that you should give what you have to those who do not have it for themselves.  Women in Power has been a significant topic of discussion since the current president of the United States was sworn in on January 20, 2017. There were an estimated 600,000 people present. However, the day after is what set record numbers and made history. On January 21, 2017, women from Mexico to Seattle to Florida straight up to Boston reached record numbers of five million in history. The Women’s March was a worldwide protest advocating for issues such as Black Lives Matter, immigration reform, health care, and women’s rights, to name a few. Most of the rallies were aimed at the current president, who has made and continues to make anti-women and offensive statements. 

Danielle Henry is currently working for Dialogue Direct. Dialogue Direct is a fundraising provider for the best charities in the world. They do street canvassing while having a dialogue with great donors about causes they are passionate about. Charities such as Save the Children, ASPCA, and World Wildlife Fund have budgets ranging from $200,000 to $7 million. Danielle is all about helping donors make an impact with the best nonprofits in the world. On any given day, you will find her traveling to Portland, Los Angeles, Miami, or Philadelphia. Then back to Westchester County to sit in a room on a Saturday morning, mentoring girls. 

“Working with people and working for the community is in my DNA,” said Danielle. Current president of Westchester County Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. Alumnae chapter. “People would do a purge of clothing they no longer care for, go to a consignment store, or drop their clothing off and get a receipt for their taxes. I was taught to create a bag and set out to find the person who needed the items. The want is for them to have the same joy I had when I had them. This is a form of clearing the path and having the continuance of blessings.”

She was raised in Uniondale, Long Island, relocated to Orange County, and is an active member of the Junior League. “I wanted to meet people in Orange County, and a good friend of mine introduced me to the Junior League. I wanted to have another lens of how needs are met in other communities,” shared Danielle. She noticed that there was a need for volunteer services and joined in 2008, which is the smallest League in the country. The Associated Junior League International was founded in New York City by Catherine Harriman of the Harriman family in 1901. It is one of the oldest women’s volunteer organizations in the world with more than 150,000 women with 291 leagues in four countries. The Junior League was founded by women who were not College graduates. These women were found serving the women and children for the betterment of their community through volunteering. Identifying issues in the community such as pollution, illiteracy, domestic violence, and social reform while finding solutions is a part of their mission. Danielle emphasized that The Junior League has a strong focus on health and nutrition. The Junior League was predominantly white and has evolved to be a very diverse national treasure. There is now a high percentage of diverse women with a balance for the greater good. 

Women in action is also what attracted Danielle to pledge Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. “We are some serious women who are strategic in nature and I clearly understand through my eighteen years as a member that we are relevant. It is not about wearing the para. It is about action. The first act of social action was the Delta’s participation in the Women’s Suffrage March in 1913,” explained Danielle.  The march was for the rights of women to vote in elections. The Westchester Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. was established in 1959 and will be 59 years old in October while serving the community in multiple ways. Programs such as The toast of Spring scholarship lunch which provides scholarships to female students from Westchester, Habitat for Humanities, movie screenings as it affect our African American community, addressing the Housing crisis in Westchester County, coming up with solutions as to why our first responders are unable to reside in Westchester county, mentoring girls and boys, and walking side by side with Kenneth Chamberlain Jr. in search for justice because his father Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. was fatally shot by White Plains police on November 19, 2011. 

When asked about our female youth Danielle shared her thoughts. “I think the state of our young women are in a crisis. There will always be a need for our Black Boys to have programs that have been in need and battling the constant test of time. However, our young ladies are more aggressive, more violent, and suspended more, and incarceration is increasing as we speak. We do not have the traditional framework to show the delicacy. I am all for Girl power and enforcing standing, but they can show the delicate side of her as well. When was the last time you heard of a cotillion or a monthly tea party to balance off having to be so powerful? There is no balance. This society is currently either over-sexual or under-sexualization. With no proper balance, we are left with young ladies trying to find their way. There is no way for them to show which why they want to go. There has been a crisis by the opposite sex, business, health-wise, regulation of our reproductive system for the last ten years.  There is a lack of having a worldliness about us. Exposure to classic arts, contemporary art, opera, and ballet. I want our young ladies to understand that it does not make you a nerd it helps build culture which is a disservice to our children in this day and age.”

Danielle ended with this…

“I remain to be a optimist by nature. But things will never be easy. You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable to progress.” 

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