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Kindo Art Answers Town Of Greenburgh Interim Attorney With Letter From His Legal Team

AJ Woodson
Rate ArticleBlack Westchester reported that on Monday, September 19th the Town of Greenburgh Office of the Town Attorney sent a certified letter, ‘Notice Of Breach...

A Discussion on First Amendment, Freedom of Speech & Expression Issues of Abridgement and Censorship

AJ Woodson
Rate ArticleI had the honor and pleasure to appear on The Elevated Network Presents: A Time For Justice for a discussion on First Amendment, Freedom...
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Controversy Surrounding Inclusion of Min. Farrakhan On Manhattan Avenue Mural Project Has Ignited A Difficult And Yet Necessary Conversation

Black Westchester
Rate ArticleThe history of the African American community and culture, like many other communities and cultures, is filled with pride, determination, challenges and change. The controversy...