70+ District Leaders/Electeds Endorse Congressman Bowman For Re-Election


While the Latimer campaign touts the support of many of the Democratic Committees in the district it appears many of the District Leaders in those Democratic Committees, Elected Officials and community stakeholders are not supporting George Latimer but they are endorsing Congressman Jamaal Bowman for re-election (see letter below)

We, the undersigned elected officials and Democratic district leaders, write to urge our fellow Democrats of NY16 to cast their votes for our incumbent Congressman, Representative Jamaal Bowman, in the upcoming primary on June 25th. We have an incredible opportunity to make sure our Congressman stays in Washington to continue his important work for the people of our district. A former principal and father of three, Congressman Bowman shows up, leads with empathy, and is a voice for the people. 

We have worked with Congressman Bowman in various capacities and appreciate and value the attention he has brought to urgent issues that government has failed to address in a meaningful way: stopping gun violence, building affordable housing, addressing the climate crisis, ensuring that women have access to quality reproductive healthcare, advocating for environmental justice and LGBTQ+ rights, providing job and career resources for youth and the un- and under-employed, and securing infrastructure improvements for all our communities. 

In 3 ½ years, Congressman Bowman has worked to bring over a billion dollars to our district to build a brighter future for everyone, including: 

  • $500,000 for WestHab, Inc. for Affordable Housing Preservation to Promote Housing Equity in Southern Yonkers (FY 2022)
  • $500,000 for the County of Westchester for Clean Bus Procurement (FY 2024)
  • $1,500,000 for the City of Mount Vernon for Sewage Cleanup Project to Promote Equity and Resilience in Mount Vernon (FY 2022)
  • $1,125,000 for Justice Innovation Inc. for a New Rochelle Community Youth Violence Intervention Initiative (FY 2023)
  • $959,752 for the Village of Rye Brook for a Rye Brook Sewer Rehabilitation Initiative (FY 2024)
  • $2,560,000 for Westchester County for a Study of the Lake Isle Dam to promote safety, flood mitigation, and environmental justice in Southern Westchester (FY 2023)
  • $750,000 for the Village of Hastings-on-Hudson for Geothermal Heat Pump System Installation (FY 2024)
  • $977,827 for the Village of Ardsley for Downtown Revitalization (FY 2024)

Representative Bowman shows up in our communities. He was one of the first federal elected officials on the ground asking how he could help after Hurricane Ida, and regularly hosts town halls on important topics like gun violence and youth mental health. He does this while critically examining federal legislation to ensure his vote aligns with what we sent him to Washington to do — make a difference for those that are far too often forgotten and left out of Washington’s political discourse. 

Representative Bowman is a principled, independent voice in Congress, not a “go along to get along” politician. He votes with President Biden more than 90% of the time, but when he disagrees with the President, or with colleagues, on a matter of conscience or principle, he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. That’s what leaders do. 

On the legislative front, Congressman Bowman works hard to bring issues to the forefront that have been ignored for too long and works with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to get things done.

  • Introduced over fifty bills, resolutions, and amendments related to education policy, and racial and economic justice, including the African-American History Act, the More Teaching Less Testing Act, the Green New Deal for Public Schools Act, the Fair College Admissions for Students Act, the Heating and Cooling Relief Act, the Emergency Price Stabilization Act, and the RAP Act.
  • Played a major role in writing the CHIPS and Science Act, one of President Biden’s signature accomplishments, as a subcommittee chair of the House Science committee and one of two freshmen members of the conference committee to negotiate with the Senate. The final CHIPS and Science Act included two of Rep. Bowman’s bills and several of his amendments.
  • Fought tirelessly to pass the American Rescue Plan, the bipartisan Safer Communities Act, and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), including by leading 89 Members of Congress in a letter pushing to restart IRA negotiations when the bill was stalled.
  • Introduced and passed a House resolution condemning the Great Replacement Theory, and has been one of the leading voices in Congress pushing back against growing white supremacist currents in the Republican Party.
  • Introduced and passed bipartisan amendments in the House to support veterans’ mental health, increase inflation bonus pay for service members, and publicly disclose the cost of our overseas military footprint.
  • Successfully pushed the Biden Administration to undertake groundbreaking executive actions to help families and students, including launching its Blueprint for a Renters Bill of Rights to protect tenants, and investigating racist book banning in public schools.

We are from different ethnicities, religious backgrounds, and cultures. We join in appreciation of Representative Bowman’s principled stance on the October 7 attack on Israel and the subsequent violence committed against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.  

While Congressman Bowman has been steadfast and clear on Israel’s right to exist and defend itself, voting to approve funding for the Iron Dome and condemning the actions of Hamas on October 7th, from the outset of the current war he has been a leading voice decrying the use of American tax dollars to fund death and destruction in Gaza, continually pressing for a nonviolent resolution. He has since been joined by a majority of Democratic voters and by many Democratic colleagues, including President Biden and Senator Schumer, in urging Israel to exercise restraint and to end the bombing of Palestinian people.

From the start Congressman Bowman has urged the President to work towards a ceasefire and a peaceful resolution that will end the killing and bring the hostages home. Representative Bowman encourages us to dare to navigate the perilous path towards peace, while others resign themselves to never-ending war. 

Congressman Bowman’s transformational vision for our future is one in which all people are truly represented in Washington. We are proud to support our Congressman, and we urge you to join us in casting your vote for Jamaal Bowman on June 25th.


Douglas Alligood, Trustee, Hastings-on-Hudson
Nicola Armacost, Mayor, Hastings-on-Hudson
Hanan Kamal Eldahry, Trustee – Village of Pelham
Nicole Engelbert, Trustee, Tuckahoe
Georgia Lopez, Trustee, Hastings on Hudson
Hope Marable, Trustee, Mount Vernon Public Library Board/District Leader, Mount Vernon Democratic Committee
Shane Osinloye, Councilmember, New Rochelle
Emmanuel Rawlings, Village of Mamaroneck Trustee
Leilani Yizar-Reid, Village of Mamaroneck Trustee
Lou Young, Trustee, Village of Mamaroneck 
Nicola Coddington, Irvington District Leader, former Mayor of Irvington
Elaine Trader, Chair, Dobbs Ferry Democratic Committee
Rebecca Pitts, District Leader, Dobbs Ferry Democratic Committee
Tasha Young, Town of Greenburgh District Leader, ED 51
Iris Hiskey Arno, District Leader, Hastings-on-Hudson Democratic Committee
Lisa Genn, District Leader, Irvington Democratic Committee
Eileen O’Connor, Ward Leader, Ward 4 District Leader, Yonkers
Matthew Wilson, District Leader, 59th Electoral District, Hastings on Hudson Democratic Committee
Eric Eyges, District Leader, Dobbs Ferry
Robin Herbert, District Leader, Hastings Democratic Committee
Patricia Truscelli, District Leader, Dobbs Ferry
Christina lomolino, District Leader, Hastings On Hudson NY
Kamran Saliani, Town of Greenburgh, District Leader – E.D. 31, Irvington Democratic Committee
Monica Joy Taylor, District Leader, Dobbs Ferry
Paul Presendieu, District Leader, New Rochelle
Eugene Tozzi, District Leader New Rochelle ED 22, Vice Chair New Rochelle Democratic Committee
Sue Tozzi, District Leader New Rochelle
Martha Gutierrez, District Leader, New Rochelle
Michael Cammer, District Leader, New Rochelle
Dr. Alexandria Connally, DL, Yonkers
Erica Alexander, District Leader, New Rochelle
Lisa Copeland, District Leader, Mount Vernon Dems ED-68
Fran Snedeker, District Leader, Rye
Reed Bonadonna, District Ldr, Town of Mamaroneck
Melissa Eustace, District Leader, Pelham Manor
Gregory Spock, Democratic District Leader, ED5, Pelham, NY
Clinton Boxhill, District Leader, Mt Vernon 
Julie Weiner, District Leader, Yonkers Ward 3
Greg Magann, District Leader, Village of Tuckahoe District 11 
Natalie Polvere, District Leader, Yonkers – Ward 11, District 20
Rosa Rivera-McCutchen, District Leader, New Rochelle
Veronica Raphael, District Leader, Yonkers NY 
Dora Onwumere, District Leader , Dobbs Ferry
Mae Williams, District Leader, Yonkers  3/17 District,  Member WBWPC
Linda Archie, District Leader, Yonkers, District 16 Ward 3
Charlene Raynor, District Leader, White Plains Democratic City Committee
Marilyn Graham, District Leader, Eastchester, NY
Nancy Hite-Norde, District Leader, Tuckahoe
Alex Rizio, District Leader, Hastings on Hudson
Evelyn Alicea-Santiago, District Leader, Second Vice Chair, White Plains Democratic City Committee & Hispanic Democrats of Westchester Executive Board
Marie Houston, District Leader, White Plains
Joseline Velez, District Leader, White Plains
Kenyetta Thomas, District Leader, Mount Vernon NY
Maria Karsou, District Leader, Village of Mamaroneck
Joanne Robinson, District Leader, Yonkers
Alicia Henriques, District Leader, Mt. Vernon NY
Elizabeth de Bethune, District Leader, Yonkers, Ward 4, ED 5
Damaris Mone, District Leader, Mt Vernon
Anthony Nicodemo, President – Hudson Valley Stonewall Democrats/Vice-Chair Yonkers Democratic Committee
Roberta Robinson, District Leader, Yonkers
Wilma Bryant, District Leader, Ward 12, District 1, Yonkers
Nancy Ferrer, District Leader, Yonkers Democratic Committee
Louis Romain, District Leader, Mount Vernon
Benjamin Brown, District Leader, White Plains Democratic City Committee
Abel Nofal, District Leader, Yonkers
Cheryl Melton, District Leader, White Plains
Selma Lewis-Belfor, District Leader, Mount Vernon
Steven Rabinowitz, District Leader, White Plains
Desirée Dismore, District Leader, Yonkers
Jonathan Davis, District Leader, Mount Vernon
Evelyn Cardona, District Leader, Ward 3, District 3, Yonkers
Lucille Renwick, District Leader, New Rochelle, District 4
Niamh Hartnett Merluccio, District Leader, Chair of Bronxville Democratic Committee
William Gaston, District Leader, Bronxville Democrats
Philip von Mehren, District Leader, Bronxville
Patricia O’Keefe, District Leader, New Rochelle
Daphne Torres, District Leader, New Rochelle
Delia M Farquharson, DL and Former Councilwoman, Mount Vernon <>

In addition to the signees of the above letter, Former Mount Vernon Mayor Ernie Davis, Blacks In Law Enforcement of America and the Westchester Correction’s Association held a press conference in Mount Vernon Friday, June 21st to announce their endorsement of Congressman Jamaal Bowman.

Others throughout the district wanted to share why they are supporting Congressman Bowman’s re-election.

I support Jamaal Bowman for a third term Congress because he is an advocate for peace and the wellbeing of ALL children. He governs for everyone — fighting for healthcare for all, a Green New Deal, environmental justice, and money for communities in need — not just the wealthy. We need bold, principled leadership in Washington to save our democracy and planet earth. Congressman Bowman has only been in office for 3 years and is one of a handful of elected representatives pushing for transformational change in Washington. He is the future of the Democratic Party. MAGA Republicans are so threatened by this they are now trying to buy off a Democrat, funding his opponent with record-breaking sums of money from special interest groups. It’s disheartening but #WeDecide on Election Day who represents us.  – Rebecca Pitts, Dobbs Ferry Democratic District Leader

Congressman Bowman is an example of the kind of leaders we need in Washington. He is a true voice of the people and uncompromising in his beliefs, OUR beliefs – Education, climate, gun control, and how the economy truly affects marginalized communities. He is on the ground and I’m proud to stand with him.

Trustee Georgia Lindahl Lopez, Hastings on Hudson Board of Trustees

We need someone who looks at policy from an equitable perspective in Congress, someone who believes that change is possible by being a change agent. We have that in Representative Jamaal Bowman.

I support progressives like Jamaal Bowman because we need system disruption. In Westchester County black youth make up 14% of the population yet are 62% of the youth detainees. Black maternal health intervention is seriously underfunded, affordable housing is grossly unaffordable for working class people. I pray that elder statesmen like our County Executive would embrace younger progressives and not attack and displace them. I also support the underdogs. $22mm against a sitting Congressman is not Democratic, it’s financial bullying and it’s racist.

Tasha Young
Town of Greenburgh District Leader, ED 51

36,000+ dead. 15K of them children. 2000 lb American-made bombs being dropped on babies. Forced starvation of millions.

This has to end. I support Congressman Bowman because he is calling for a negotiated cease fire, release of the hostages and an end to the bombing.

Hanan Kamal Eldahry

Trustee, Village of Pelham

Nancy Hite-Norde, District Leader, Tuckahoe

I support Jamaal because he brings the vision and the passion we need to address our existential climate crisis, because we need the courage and commitment to invest in all of us so that all of us can thrive, and because we can’t do it all unless the ultra wealthy pay their fair share.- Lisa Genn, District Leader, Irvington Democratic Committee

I support Congressperson Bowman because he’s been highly effective in his first 2 terms, and because he has had the courage to stand up for issues that must be urgently addressed to protect the future of the earth and our fragile democracy:

 • Climate change

 • Economic inequality

 • Equal rights

 • Getting big money out of politics

 • Improving our  educational systems

On a local level, Congressperson Bowman has brought over $1 billion  to our district for initiatives that address climate change and mitigation of its effects, gun violence prevention, mental health care, and health care in general. He’s focused on helping working families and the most economically marginalized groups in the district – not just the wealthy. 

He’s both a visionary and a realist. He brings me hope for the future at a time when the world has become a scary place. We need leaders like him for both now, and for our future. 

Robin Herbert, District Leader,  Hastings-On-Hudson Democratic Committee

“I feel strongly that Congressman Bowman deserves our continued support. He is a progressive who represents the interests of all his constituents, not just the ones with money, and I appreciate his hard work for policies that would make for a more equitable society. While I previously supported George Latimer in all his prior races, I am incensed that he is wasting Democrats’ time and money (and taking AIPAC money) challenging a good progressive when there are so many other seats to protect and regain.”

Nicola Coddington, Irvington District Leader, former Mayor of Irvington

I support my Congressman Jamaal Bowman because he has stood up for causes I care about like climate justice, Medicare for All, and good and affordable education and housing.

He has brought over $1 billion to our district for initiatives in communities from the wealthiest to the poorest. Jamaal’s message is peace and love. He’s a critical voice in DC.

Iris Hiskey Arno
District Leader, Hastings-on-Hudson Democratic Committee 

Israel’s war against Palestinians is highly profitable to investors in the arms industry – as will be any war with Iran in which Israel succeeds in involving  the U.S. Jamaal is a peacemaker; his opponent’s interest in international affairs is limited to supporting whatever the Israeli government does, right or wrong.). And because Jamaal is young and energetic, and has a future as an increasingly influential progressive Member of Congress he has already proved to be.  His past-retirement-age opponent has already said he does not expect ever to lead any committees or draft any environmental bills.  As County Executive, Latimer’s corruption has led to acceptance of donations from and renewal of a contract with a company profiting by feeding substandard food to incarcerated children.  Jamaal seeks to enhance educational and job opportunities in black and brown and currently low-income communities and end gun violence, drug deaths and mass incarceration.  Jamaal has a vision and is making it happen by collaborating with the president and his fellow legislators.  Latimer has money from AIPAC’s GOP billionaire contributors; his campaign is nothing but lies and distortions of Jamaal’s record.  He has articulated no vision but unseating our – the people’s – Congressional representative. – Julie Weiner, District Leader, Yonkers Ward

“Jamaal is not only the leader we need for our urgent concerns today, he is what our youth deserve in order to build a better tomorrow.”

– Matthew Wilson, District Leader, 59th Electoral District, Hastings on Hudson Democratic Committee

I support Jamaal for Congress because he speaks truth to power and doesn’t cater to special interests and big money corporate PACs. He is principled and is not afraid to work for bold transformative change for ALL people of NY16. – Elaine Trader, Chair, Dobbs Ferry Democratic Committee

I voted for Congressman Jamaal Bowman because of his commitment to stand on justice and truth, even when it makes things difficult or uncomfortable. Congressman Bowman has supported Biden’s agenda, while having the moral courage to simultaneously push for more progressive policies that will benefit all of us. –Rosa Rivera-McCutchen, District Leader, New Rochelle

I support Congressman Bowman! He represents all his constituents! Congressman Bowman has Not been bought by donors! – Maria Beatriz Karsou, District Leader, Village of Mamaroneck

We support Jamaal because he listens to us!  He cares about and fights for the issues that matter to us, that lift up all of us. AND He can jump double dutch!
Elizabeth de Bethune, District Leader, Yonkers, Ward 4, ED 5 &
Eileen O’Connor, Ward Leader, Ward 4 District Leader, Yonkers

I am proudly supporting Congressman Bowman as he isn’t afraid to stand alone in his fight for social justice. He is a leader who shows up for our community. His immediate and public stance for a ceasefire is exactly what we need to see from our elected officials. – Desirée Dismore, District Leader, Yonkers

“Besides President Obama, there has been only one other politician in my life who has activated such a specific sense of pride and hope … and it’s Jamaal Bowman.”
-Kamran Saliani, Iranian-American District Leader for Greenburgh, E.D-31

(1) Until we are all free, no one is free
(2) Supporting a genocide is not an option, Jamaal Bowman will stand up for peace!
Monica Joy Taylor, District Leader, Dobbs Ferry

Jamaal Bowman is the greatest advocate for public education in Washington and we need him to continue his advocacy for our kids. 
Anthony Nicodemo, Vice-chair City of Yonkers Democratic Committee, President Hudson Valley Stonewall Dems, Lifelong educator and coach

I’m supporting Rep. Bowman because came to Congress already understanding and deeply committed to the urgent imperative of addressing the climate crisis. George Latimer has never, ever been progressive or proactive on environmental issues. — Natalie Polvere, District Leader, Yonkers – Ward 11, District 20

I support Bowman because of his outspoken, consistent, and unwavering support for social justice. – Michael Cammer, District Leader, New Rochelle

I have grave concerns about the role of big money, we don’t want millionaires and billionaires dictating who our Congressional Representatives are. – Steve Rabinowitz, District Leader, White Plains

AJ Woodson
AJ Woodson
AJ Woodson is the Editor-In-Chief and co-owner of Black Westchester, Host & Producer of the People Before Politics Radio Show, An Author, Journalism Fellow (Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism), Rap Artist - one third of the legendary underground rap group JVC FORCE known for the single Strong Island, Radio Personality, Hip-Hop Historian, Documentarian, Activist, Criminal Justice Advocate and Freelance Journalist whose byline has appeared in several print publications and online sites including The Source, Vibe, the Village Voice, Upscale, Sonicnet.com, Launch.com, Rolling Out Newspaper, Daily Challenge Newspaper, Spiritual Minded Magazine, Word Up! Magazine, On The Go Magazine and several others.

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