OPPRESSIVEISMS (™) The Fundamental “ism” Word with a Magnified, Collective, Clarified and Inclusive Lens


The idea of the terminology Oppressiveisms (™) came into being around 2002, after writing a reflection that noted – “The Ability to envision a world where gender equality exists is directly related to a world where all the other ‘isms’ are themselves non-existent.” Having written it, I understood the context, its meaning and analysis. However, it seemed troubling that for many reading the notation, it was not easily understood until there was verbal explanation or clarification. 

I have since been openly using my created word Oppressiveisms(™) for over two (2) years on social media platforms and introduced the terminology verbally during one of my Zoom CE classes. The #rootoutoppressiveisms(™) has become what I call my – Healthy Social Disruptor trademark, for elevating, amplifying and voicing up the need to continue the struggle for social justice, equality and improved social and public well-being. I find that the use of the word Oppressiveisms(™) manifests itself to be quite inclusive, and has the ability to present sound clarity about its related “isms” thereby avoiding ambiguity. 


The Word Oppressiveisms (™) is the combination the words “Oppressive” + “isms”. It is a noun (n), preferably used in plural (p) format, with its related “isms” subsets. 

Oppressiveisms(™) establish the foundation, root or umbrella of its related “isms”; present, lend or portray a magnified and inclusive lens to clarify and identify that which speaks collectively to the systemic oppression, prejudices and or biases, addressing one and all related “isms” with the same tone, voice, urgency and vision. 


The truth is, when we say “ism”, we are still not clear in terms of context and contents. For example, there are many words such as mannerism, pluralism, favoritism, plagiarism, etc. that exist. Yet, none of these words are representatives of the “isms” that are tied to systemic oppression. Consequently, it seems necessary and vitally important that when we speak of the “isms”, that the context is clear leaving no room for ambiguity and/or exclusivity. Oppressiveisms(™) – Establish “ism” clarity. Is authentic “ism” focused. Leave no room for “ism” ambiguity. 

Expressing truth here, that many individuals may experience more than one of the Oppressiveisms(™) at any given time, or at some point in their lives. Sharing examples of demographics for which there is the need to address and treat collectively and inclusively: an elderly, black woman; a white, disabled man; a person of color identified as LGBT, a white woman identified as LGBT. 

Oppressiveisms(™) – Give recognition to inclusivity. Render a collective voice, tone and vision.

Truthfully, Oppressiveisms (™) have its related “ismst. Such examples include: racism, sexism, ageism, heterosexism, ableism, classism, colorism/shadeism, culturism, anti-semitism, etc. that are systemically interrelated. They all meet the criteria of having oppressive behaviors impacted 

by prejudices, bias-related ideals, values and beliefs, and defined as personal, interpersonal, institutional and or cultural/societal. These oppressive behaviors affect individuals of varying degrees, tearing through the fabric of many lives seemingly different from the established and esteemed norms. 

Oppressiveisms(™) – Present an established foundation from which the related “isms” stem, and that which would be addressed with the systemic approach in mind. 


Establish the Foundation, Root or Umbrella for all of the “isms” identified as oppressive. Portray a Magnified lens to the use of the word on how it should be viewed and addressed. 

Create a Clarified and Framed lens – Help provide clarification or clarity from the onset; direct one’s thoughts to the theme and nature of the topic at hand. 

Have an Inclusivity lens – The ability to include the related “isms” and treat with same tone, voice and urgency. 

Present Clear, Identifiable and Focused lens – Leave no room for “isms” ambiguity when addressing. 

Seen or viewed with Connectivity lens – related “isms” are treated systemically together as they are interrelated. 








Colorism aka Shadeism 



And all other oppressiveisms(™) that meet the criteria on the personal, interpersonal, institutional cultural/societal levels, perpetrating and perpetuating social injustice and inequalities, adversely impacting public and social well-being. 

#rootoutoppressiveisms (™) Healthy Social Disruptor Trademark:

As mentioned, #rootoutoppressivisms(™) is used for elevating, amplifying and voicing up the need to continue the struggle for social justice, equality and improved social and public well-being. 

Oppressiveisms (™) Topic Related Quotes

There can be no equality of any of the Oppressiveisms (™) until all of the Oppressiveisms (™) are themselves equal. 

Rae Sampson-McMillan (2020) 

You ought not be “ism” defined. Know your worth and positively define who you are and should be. You have the power to do so. 

Rae Sampson-McMillan (2020) 

No one is born with Oppressiveisms(™) mindsets. Rae Sampson-McMillan (2022) 

Oppressiveisms (™) socialization bears an unhealthy society. 

Rae Sampson-McMillan (2022) 

About the WriterAnti-oppressiveisms(™), Social Justice and Public Well-being Advocate, Writer, Oppressiveisms(™) Word Creator and User, Entrepreneur, Licensed Clinician, Mentor. Accomplished, principled and licensed professional; many years of progressive responsibilities in the human services arena; public and private sectors; child and family welfare; crime victims; education; keen focus on human rights, social justice, public well-being, passionate about equality.

  • Sharing some of the takeaways from the article:

    Oppressiveisms(™) as the established foundation, root or umbrella from which the related “isms” stem.
    Many individuals may experience more than one of the Oppressiveisms(™) at any given time, or at some point in their lives.
    No one is born with Oppressiveisms(™) mindsets.
    Oppressiveisms (™) socialization bears an unhealthy society.

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