Black Law Enforcement Supports Re-election of Congressman Bowman and the Election of Wagstaff for DA


WESTCHESTER, NY – Blacks In Law Enforcement of America (BLEA) and the Westchester Correction Association (WCA) have announced their strong support for the re-election of Congressman Jamaal Bowman and the election of William O. Wagstaff III as Westchester District Attorney.

The two prominent Black Law Enforcement organizations believe Bowman and Wagstaff are the leaders needed to address the underlying causes of crime and bring more fairness to the criminal justice system. In Congress, Bowman has been a vocal advocate for investing in underfunded communities, pushing for better education, expanded mental health services, job training and other vital resources that can help prevent social issues from turning into matters for law enforcement.

BLEA Letterhead Bowman Wagstaff by BLACK WESTCHESTER MAGAZINE on Scribd

Congressman Bowman has strongly advocated investing in our communities to prevent social issues from turning into criminal justice issues. He understands that by providing better education, mental health services, job opportunities, and other vital resources, we can reduce crime and keep our neighborhoods safer.

“Congressman Bowman understands that by providing critical opportunities and support systems, we can reduce crime and keep our neighborhoods safer without over-policing,” said Damon K. Jones,ntative, BLEA NY represe and WCA President.

Meanwhile, Wagstaff has pledged to bring major reforms to the District Attorney’s office to combat systemic inequities. The groups praised his commitment to exploring alternatives to incarceration, eliminating discriminatory practices, and ensuring all individuals are treated equally under the law regardless of race.

For too long, they say, the justice system has disproportionately impacted communities of color, perpetuating a “school-to-prison pipeline” that sets young people up for failure. As District Attorney, Wagstaff would work to dismantle this unjust cycle.

“William Wagstaff deeply understands how our current system can ruin countless lives before they even begin,” Jones stated. “His leadership and vision are essential to overcoming historical inequities and building safer, healthier communities.”

The organizations highlighted that Bowman and Wagstaff’s values align closely with their own mission. “Their commitment to police reform, criminal justice reform, and supporting police-community relations reflects the changes we have long fought for,” said Jones.

BLEA and WCA are now urging all Westchester residents to back Bowman’s re-election campaign and Wagstaff’s run for District Attorney. By supporting these “dedicated public servants,” they believe Westchester can take important strides towards a more just society for all.

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