Why We March: Understanding the Power of Protest for NYC Youth



With all these protests popping off around the city, do you ever stop and think, “What’s really going on?”

Let’s break it down real quick. When you see people hitting the streets, waving signs, and chanting slogans, it’s not just a random event.  

it’s a movement—a way for us to stand up and speak out about the stuff that matters most to us.

Think about it like this: when we see something messed up going down in our hood—like racism, poverty, or police brutality—protesting is our way of saying, “No, its not going down like that.”

It’s our chance to come together, make some noise, and demand change. It’s about showing the world that we’re not gonna sit back and let injustice slide. We’re gonna step up, speak out, and make our voices heard.

But protesting ain’t just about making noise. It’s about making moves. It’s about putting pressure on the powers that be to make real changes in our community. It’s about showing solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are fighting the same fight.

So next time you see a protest going down, don’t just brush it off. Take a minute to think about what it means. Think about the issues that people are standing up for and ask yourself, “What can I do to make a difference?”

Remember, we’re the future of this city, and it’s up to us to shape it into the place we wanna live. So let’s keep our eyes open, our voices loud, and our fists raised high.

Now, let’s break down the pros and cons of protesting so you know what you’re getting into:


  1. Raises Awareness: Protests shine a spotlight on important issues and get people talking about them.
  2. Mobilizes Communities: They bring people together and show unity in the face of injustice.
  3. Influences Change: Protests can lead to policy reforms and positive social change.
  4. Empowers Youth: They give young people a platform to speak out and demand action on issues that affect them.
  5. Shows Solidarity: Standing up for what’s right shows support for marginalized communities and allies.


  1. Risk of Violence: Protests can sometimes turn violent, putting participants and bystanders in danger.
  2. Arrests and Legal Issues: There’s always a chance of getting arrested or facing legal consequences for participating in a protest.
  3. Backlash: Some people may oppose the protest or its message, leading to backlash and criticism.
  4. Disruption: Protests can disrupt daily life, causing traffic jams, business closures, and other inconveniences.
  5. Misrepresentation: Media coverage of protests may not always accurately portray the goals or intentions of the participants.

So, there you have it—protesting ain’t all sunshine and rainbows, but it’s a powerful tool for sparking change and making our voices heard. Just remember to stay safe, stay informed, and stay woke, NYC Youth.

And hey, don’t forget the steps of our ancestors that paved the way for our laws and legislations being passed. Connect yourself to serve your community to make it better—don’t just sit here and talk about the issues with no solutions in sight. Let’s rise up and make a difference, one protest at a time.

Instead of idly standing by while outsiders attempt to patch up our community’s issues with temporary fixes that often create more problems than they solve, let’s take proactive steps to address the root causes and enact meaningful change ourselves. It’s time for us to seize control and become the driving force behind the positive transformation we wish to see in our community. Let’s step up and lead the way toward a better future!

If you’re ready to stand up and protest, know what you want to change—and why.

Larnez Kinsey
Larnez Kinsey
Larnez Kinsey is a Supercreative, a seasoned Crisis Management Specialist with 18 years of dedicated service to the State of New York, the Co-Founder and CEO of BlackGate Consulting Group. She is passionate about using her diverse skills to drive transformative change and empower communities. Her work is grounded in a deep understanding of the cybernetic ecology, focusing on New York's diverse cultural landscape, and mental health through community-centric initiatives.

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