Mount Vernon’s Jordan Runcie-Hubbard Will Be On Power Book II: Ghost Friday, July 5th


Mount Vernon native Jordan Runcie-Hubbard will appear in Power Book II: Ghost this Friday, July 5th. We caught up with Jordan for a quick exclusive interview to talk about appearing on the crime drama thriller television series created and produced by Courtney A. Kemp in collaboration with Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and what else he has been up to since we last saw him.

The multi-talented Jordan has also added the title author to his impressive resume.

Jordan is also the Creator/Writer of a comic book called “Mount Valorous” which he describes as “a Shonen-style baseball manga.” He plans to develop the comic book into an aminated series.

Book description: Jaden Harris, an ambitious, competitive baseball player, dreams of being the Legendary 5-Tool Player. His only barriers to success are his genetic makeup and the legacy of his father, Malcolm Harris, one of the greatest players to ever grace the field. Despite his impressive career, a cloud of suspicion has loomed over Malcolm ever since rumors of artificial tools arose. Jaden faces the burden of this stigma as he takes his final shot at the Sunset League tryouts after a dismal showing last year. With the help of his best friend, Myles, Jaden is determined to prove that he can make it professionally and clear his family name.

For more information or to purchase the book visit the website and follow him on IG

Jordan joined the crew of Black Westchester presents the People Before Politics Radio Show, on Sunday, January 21, 2018 where he shared his journey through the Mount Vernon City School District educational system as well as his potential athletic career. He discussed how he entered the entertainment industry landing national commercial ads with Bud Light, Subway and more! On that episode we also had the Evelyn Collins & the cast of The Lion King Jr. from Denzel Washington School of Performing Arts.

Pictures of Jordan are with Caroline Chikezie who plays Noma Asaju is one of the two main antagonists of Power Book IIGhost (top left), Michael Ealy who plays Detective Don Carter from Power Book II: Ghost (top middle), former NY Mets Manager Terry Collins (top right) and with Kim Khardashion (American Horror Story).

Power Book II: Ghost is approaching its midseason finale for its final 10-episode run and also stars Yonkers native Mary J. Blige who plays Drug Queenpin Monet Stewart Tejada the Matriarch of the Tejada family. The show became the first spinoff in the Power franchise since the original series ended in 2020, and according to Starz, season 4 attracted 6.5 million multiplatform viewers during its debut week. 

The Starz crime drama features Michael Rainey Jr. as Tariq St. Patrick, son of James St. Patrick — aka Ghost — a drug lord and businessman. Tariq kills his father in the first series, only to morph into a version of his father who also lives a duality: Ivy League college student and narcotics dealer. For three seasons, viewers have watched him try to earn his inheritance by completing school, only to plunge himself into a life of crime. He’s essentially Ghost 2.0. 

Season 4 will be broken into two parts, with the premiere’s arrival on the 10th anniversary of Power. The show picks up with Tariq and Brayden (played by Gianni Paolo) scrambling after kicking off a war or two against Noma, the Tejadas and Effie. Betrayed and out of options, the two have to come up with a plan. 

To make things more complicated, Det. Don Carter (played by Michael Ealy) arrives on the scene looking to take down Tariq and anyone who’s backing him. That goes for federal agent Angel Young, who’s related to Paz and Angela Valdes. Will Tariq and his loved ones make it out unscathed? 

They say you can tell a tree by its fruits, shout to Jordan’s mom Traci Runcie-Williams who has 4 sons, Tyler who started his own clothing line, Myles who is a barber working toward owning his own shop and also has a clothing line, Ryan who appeared in Barbershop – The Next Cut which also featured Michael Rainey Jr who plays Tarik in Power Book II: Ghost and then there is Jordan an Author, Entrepreneur, Specializing in Comic Book and Screenplay writing, who will appear in Power Book II: Ghost this Friday, July 5th.

Brenda L. Crump and her children (left) Ryan and his mother Traci (right)

Forget what you heard, Money-Earnin’ Mount Vernon STILL got it going on!

[Black Westchester’s Mistress of Information Brenda L. Crump contributed to this spotlight on Jordan]

AJ Woodson
AJ Woodson
AJ Woodson is the Editor-In-Chief and co-owner of Black Westchester, Host & Producer of the People Before Politics Radio Show, An Author, Journalism Fellow (Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism), Rap Artist - one third of the legendary underground rap group JVC FORCE known for the single Strong Island, Radio Personality, Hip-Hop Historian, Documentarian, Activist, Criminal Justice Advocate and Freelance Journalist whose byline has appeared in several print publications and online sites including The Source, Vibe, the Village Voice, Upscale,,, Rolling Out Newspaper, Daily Challenge Newspaper, Spiritual Minded Magazine, Word Up! Magazine, On The Go Magazine and several others.


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