As A Family Member Of A Victim Of Injustice, This Is My Opinion On The Upcoming Westchester District Attorney Election by Kenneth Chamberlain Junior


Picture this: the big election in Westchester for District Attorney is like a giant symphony of democracy, and the spotlight is on the candidate forum happening on March 7, 2024. It’s a big deal, organized by Black Westchester and backed by ten important groups, with more people thinking about joining. This isn’t just any old debate; it’s like feeling the pulse of our democratic spirit.

Amid all this excitement, two candidates, Adeel Mirza, and William Wagstaff III, are all
in, ready to take part. But there’s a bit of buzzkill: an email from Doug Forand, who’s on Team Cacace for DA, is making us wonder about Susan Cacace. It seems like she might not be so sure about jumping into the democratic dance, and that’s got us questioning if she’s really all in for the
people or some of the people.

Let’s keep it straight: just because Cacace got a thumbs-up from the Democratic Committee doesn’t mean she’s got the June primary in the bag. History shows us that the party’s top pick can stumble, as Mimi Rocah proved in 2019, going against the party’s first choice and still winning both the primary and the big election. Cacace’s team needs to get that district leaders, as important as they think they are, don’t control what everyone thinks.

If she’s already acting like she’s won based on the nomination, that’s a recipe for thinking she deserves the job without earning it. We’re saying loud and clear: being part of debates isn’t a choice for candidates; it’s a must-do. It builds trust with us regular voters and makes sure we’re in the loop. As a family member deeply affected by injustice, I’m appalled to witness Susan Cacace’s refusal to participate in the upcoming justice forum. In a system that often falls short for everyone, her absence sends a troubling message about transparency and commitment to justice.

So, the ball’s in Cacace’s court when it comes to the debate. But for us, it’s a way to see if she’s really serious about being fair, open, and sticking to the democratic values we all care about.

Candidates for the big job need to be right in there, making sure everyone gets a fair say and
knows what’s going on.

In a nutshell, I’m sounding the alarm for democratic integrity. Judge Susan Cacace, it’s not too late to join in. The people who will decide if you become the next District Attorney are hoping you reconsider and participate in this crucial debate.

Kenneth Chamberlain Jr
Son of Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr. (Victim Of Injustice)

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