June 7, 2023
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Your Words Have Power

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Most of the time, when Black males fail to achieve their goals in life, they confess and believe the wrong things. They are putting themselves in a position of servitude by uttering the words of their adversary. Even if the beginning of your life was fraught with unfavorable influence, you could break free from the shackles of that captivity if you utter positive words into your life at the correct times. Speaking words can prepare your spirit (or your emotions) for success or failure. Words are like receptacles; they can hold hope or dread and give birth to more of the same.

Be Careful With What You Say

Sound and vibration make up what we know as words. These frequencies bring into existence the reality we find ourselves immersed. The universe, our lives, and our perception of reality were all brought into existence by the power of language. A concept can only materialize into actuality with words to express it. We have been instructed on this throughout history, dating back to the Bible. In the Bible, it is written that “God” – whatever the meaning of that term may be to you – said, “Let there be light,” which resulted in the creation of light.

So, what exactly are the takeaways from this? If our thoughts and words are the tools we construct our reality, then indeed, our words and thoughts are the most potent weapon we have access to now. Indeed, if we want to construct the best possible version of our reality, we should only choose the best terms.

In the vocabulary of a spiritually upright man, certain terms and expressions should not be used, such as “luck” or “lucky.” The phrase “something that happens to one by chance” is one explanation of the term “luck.” Because of this, we are now at the mercy of both “good luck” and “bad luck.” We do not live by coincidence or predetermined events; rather, as Black men with vision, we live by trust in ourselves and our God.

Because if this broken society and other people’s toxic, harmful energy are the sources of illness, mortality, dread, and doubt, it is best to avoid using any of these terms because they all communicate negative confessions. Expressions such as “She makes me sick,” “I am dying to go,” “It frightened the living daylights out of me,” and “I doubt he will ever change” are examples of other words and phrases that are unhealthy and negative. We must resolve to improve our vocabulary and pray to the Lord, asking him to show us the words that we are speaking into our own lives and into the lives of others that are bringing about devastation.

Although there may be some truth to these seedlings, we don’t need to proceed in the same manner as before. We frequently overhear individuals talking in an obsessive way about the generational trauma that has played a role in their lives. People often assert things such as, “Every woman in my mother’s family line had diabetes by the time they were 30 years of age; I just know I am going to have diabetes,” or, “My grandmother died of cancer, my mother died of cancer, and all of my sisters died of cancer; it just runs in the family.” These statements are common, and we frequently hear people making them. “The doctor says I just have to learn to live with this condition,” “Every male in our family line has had a hip replacement at least once in their life,” “Every female in our family line has had a hip replacement at least once in their life.” The saying in our family goes something like this: “Our family is just cursed,” or “We’re all just alcoholics.” you are free to complete the sentence. By bringing these things into your existence through your speech, you accept them as accurate.

As a culture, we have been socialized to focus on the negative aspects of our lives and the difficulties we face. We take our understandings of what has happened, other people, and ourselves, and then we communicate those understandings to the world, thereby giving them form.

When we complain about our lives to others, we effectively send those negative words to the world to become a reality. This is an acknowledgment that we have made. When you repeat something aloud enough times, your words become the truth in your mind and the thoughts of everyone else to whom you speak them. When you say something out loud enough, your words will manifest to be the truth.

If this is the case, you need to ask yourself if you want to admit to yourself and everyone else you know that you have bad luck in love, that you are unproductive, that you are depressed, that you are bored, or any of the other things about which you have been complaining. Especially considering that you are aware that these very statements are responsible for the existence that you are currently living.

Enhance your self-awareness by paying closer attention to your language when talking about yourself and your life. Start being more deliberate about the words that come out of your mouth. Avoid using negative and powerless terms like “can’t,” “shouldn’t,” “need,” and “won’t” in your everyday conversations. They deprive you of the potential to bring the kind of life you would like to lead into existence.

Frame your word choices so that they have a much more positive impact on your world. Since you are the one who created your existence, whatever you say is final. Therefore, the next time you notice yourself using negative words, recover control and framework of your words so that they will oresent more positive endergy and impact on your world.

Your words are the color you use to create a picture of your reality. Make intelligent and optimistic word choices to co-create a fact that serves your best interests.

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