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Yonkers to pay Dario Tena’s Family, $82,500 in deadly police raid

YONKERS – The family of Dario Francisco Tena who died during an illegal Yonkers Police raid will receive an $82,500 settlement.

The Yonkers City Council voted Tuesday night to approve a settlement for the survivors of Tena, 49, who died after falling out of a top-floor window at 141 School St. on March 21, 2014 during a drug raid.

Tena’s survivors filed a $20 million federal lawsuit in 2015 accusing the Yonkers Police of excessive force, conspiracy and flawed supervision, among other allegations.

Yonkers Police Detective Christian Koch a 13-year veteran of the department and officer Neil Vera a 7-year veteran, said to be two highly decorated police officers in Yonkers became criminal defendants October 8th after being indicted by a grand jury for an alleged shortcut to justice.

Those two cops who lied and falsely put people in jail, over 20 cases vacated by the Westchester County DA’s office, one man Jamar Smythe of Peekskill served the past 4 years of his life incarcerated and was released Tuesday, Dario Tana goes out the window, and the cops lied to falsified the search warrant affidavit that lead to the raid. And all Janet Difiore, who actually surprised me when she indicted the officers, (officers don’t’ usually get indicted by DA Difiore’s office) which we now see was just a covering-her-ass move and had nothing to do with justice, because all she does is give the officers weekend jail. Their action cost Smythe four years of his life and killed Tena but they get sentenced to weekend jail.

The botched raid led to perjury and official misconduct charges against Officer Neil Vera and Detective Christian Koch — and the end of their law enforcement careers — because they lied in getting the search warrant.




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