May 28, 2023
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Yonkers Rally For Justice…. A Nationwide Movement

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“I’m proud of the Young organizers. The milenials have awakened.” said Shawyn Patterson Howard, President and CEO Yonkers FamilyYMCA

Yonkers residents filled Getty Square and hit the streets to peacefully protest and Rally For Justice, Sunday November 7th, The rally was organized by Hector Santiago. News cameras only come out when there is looting or violence but they don’t show or want you to know about powerful peaceful protest like this!

When asked what prompted him to organized the rally Hector Santiago told BW:

“I’m a Yonkers native, and proud father. I am an activist in my community as well as business owner. I seek to inspire in everything I do , which lead to the rally. Many of the youth in my community wanted to express themselves about the nation wide horror however with the projection that media can sometimes portray they didn’t know how to do it “PEACEFULLY” . My team and I immediately went to work and within 48 hours had delivered an amazing protest. Thanks to this protest we have raised awareness in the racism embedded in the structure of our everyday lives. We also pushed out a new initiative called #StopAndShake. Which challenges cops and civilians to stop and introduce themselves to each other, in hopes of making a more united community. We seek to start programing with our local police departments and really pull in undoing racism, and diversity training.”

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