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Yonkers Man Arrested In Rooftop Break-ins of 4th Avenue Businesses In Mount Vernon

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paroleeMount Vernon — 27-year-old Yonkers man was arrested  for a series of rooftop burglaries in Mount Vernon’s downtown business district, Thursday, police said.

Antonio McNeil, of 85 St. Andrews Pl, Yonkers, was at the time of his arrest, a Parole Absconder (a probationer who has moved from the probationer’s primary residence without permission of the probation officer), for violation of his parole status related to an earlier burglary arrest and conviction.

Mount Vernon Police’s Intelligence Unit had been monitoring a number of rooftop burglaries occurring in the downtown business district. Working in conjunction with the Westchester Intelligence Center and the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office, Mr. McNeil was identified as a ‘person of interest’ in these crimes.

Patrol officers were provided information related to Mr. McNeil, Wednesday, and observed and apprehended the suspect, Thursday.

At the time of his arrest McNeil had in his possession a number of clothing articles that had been stolen in the burglaries. He subsequently was charged with three of the rooftop burglaries that had occurred at 34 South Fourth Avenue, 14 South Fourth Avenue, and 35 South Fourth Avenue.

“The arrest of this suspect is a product of intelligent led policing,” newly appointed Public Safety Commissioner Robert ‘Bob’ Kelly told BW, “wherein detectives, patrol officers and a multi-agency response seamlessly came together to identify and arrest this recidivist suspect.”

Mr. McNeil was arraigned in Mount Vernon City Court Friday.

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