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Yonkers Honors Orlando Victims While Mt. Vernon Deputy Commish Spews Homophopic Slurs At Councilman

Not to say that the city of Yonkers is without its share of problems, corruption and police criminality but I was taken aback by the differences in the actions of two neighboring cities in the wake of the domestic terrorism that took place in Orlando.

In an interesting tale of two cities, while the city of Yonkers was planning a special tribute to be held on Monday night for the victims of the Orlando nightclub massacre, a disputed Deputy Mount Vernon Police Commissioner Joseph Spiezio (whose company illegally does business with the city) is spewing homophobic slurs at Mount Vernon Councilman Andre Wallace Saturday.

In this situation the city of Yonkers is moving in a uniting fashion while Mount Vernon is further dividing its city with hate and bigotry.

The pride flag has been flown outside of Yonkers City Hall during Pride Week for the past three years, this year it is also in honor of the 49 lives lost last week in Orlando. The flag will be flown for the entire week and will culminate with a pride event in Manhattan.

This week the Mayor of Mount Vernon instead of finally trying to unite the city government (which is what is expected from the leader of a city), he and the MVPD double down on the division in City Hall. Mayor Richard W. Thomas in a series of interviews with Lohud/The Journal News, Fios1 News and WVOX radio accused Councilman Wallace, the victim of a physical threat and homophobic slur of being the cause of the problem. To add insult to injury once again The Thomas Administration threw out accusation of the councilman not paying prevailing wages in his work on the Third Street Firehouse, but despite months of accusations have yet to provide any proof, so now we can add character assassination of a councilman to the laundry list of offenses from the Thomas Administration. REAL TALK!!!!

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