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White Plains Police Assistant Chief Fitzsimmons Above Departmental Policy and Above Westchester Criminal Law- The Good Old Boy Network

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AnneOn Sept 22, 2011, White Plains Police Assistant Chief Anne Fitzsimmons received a complaint from KOL AMI in reference to Officer Michael Hannon’s actions on handling their complaint about an unattended parked car in their parking lot. Chief Fitzimmons emailed the Tour Commander, Lieutenant James Parlow in reference to the complaint. Lieutenant Parlow responded to Chief Fitzsimmons email and said that he had reviewed Officer Hannon intake call and he believed Officer Hannon handled it properly. The events that take place after this email exchange is very shocking and no one would ever think that a police department would get so out of control.

After receiving the email from Lieutenant Parlow that no issues were found with Officer Hannon’s actions. The conclusion wasn’t enough for the Chief Fitzsimmons, she came down to the communications room, without saying any words, she grabbed a large rolling chair approximately 8 feet behind where Officer Hannon was sitting and with bruit force rammed the chair in the back of Officer Hannon’s chair knocking him into computer console.

This brutal bold attack on Officer Hannon was witness by two officers, one civilian worker and one supervisor, all was in a state of shock of the unmerciful actions of Assistant Chief Fitzsimmons. All have made notarized statements of Chief Fitzsimmons attack on Officer Hannon. “She pushed the chair with both arms and with force”, said a witness of the incident.

After brutally striking Officer Hannon, Chief Fitzsimmons took the chair that she used to assault Officer Hannon and began a casual conversation with Lieutenant Parlow. Another witness in the room stated, “She remained in the room for approximately 10 minutes, they stated. Officer Hannon and chief exchanged no words.”

“I thought to myself, this woman just hit me very hard with a chair,” said Hannon. “Felt like I was being sacked by Ray Lewis.”

“I was startled because my back was turned answering a call”, Hannon continued, “I turned around expecting an apology or at least an excuse me, she had no reply for her actions”.

After talking to the Lieutenant Parlow and still not saying one word to Officer Hannon. Chief said out loud that she couldn’t write Officer Hannon up because the call went the right way but she will write the incident up in her personal folder. Chief did not see any reason to discipline Officer Hannon by policy and procedure so she took it in her own hand to assault him and embarrass him in front of his co worker and supervisor. Clearly this is not actions of someone that should be in charge of an entire police force.

This is law enforcement Hypocrisy to the fullest. It is known in the White Plains Police Department that Chief Fitzsimmons is influential in writing White Plains department policies on ethics, sexual harassment, domestic violence and racial sensitivity training. By physically attacking Officer Hannon, Chief Fitzsimmons has disregarded her own policies by being an aggressor and assaulting a subordinate with no explanation or apologies.

After chief left Officer Hannon spoke to the Lieutenant Parlow that was in the room and asked him what was he going to do and Lieutenant Parlow replied, “what can I do, I’m only a Lieutenant?”

“I felt completely helpless”, said Hannon. Because I know in the policy somebody is suppose to do something to help me.”

Officer Hannon is completely right. In White Plains Police Policy Article IV: When a member reports an injury that occurred white on duty, the supervisor to whom it was reported shall conduct an investigation of the injury and report the facts in writing to the Chief of Police. In White Plains Workplace Violence Policy is says; a city staff member may not engage in any behavior or conduct that could reasonably be interpreted as violent. This is ironic because Chief Fitzsimmons is the person responsible for these policies and is the instructor of the ethics class of the in-service training of White Plains PD. Chief Fitzsimmons is also a violator of these policies by assaulting Officer Hannon and she continues to go unpunished or reprimanded by Commissioner Chong for the same policies that she teaches and helped write.

While Officer Hannon was writing his account of the incident many supervisors advised him to think about the repercussions of his report and that it would jeopardize his career in the White Plains PD.

“After I finished my report, I left it in Commissioner Chong’s office”, said Hannon. “I was in so much pain I had to go to the hospital.”

The Assistant Chief attacking an Officer and the Officer writing a report on the incident was now a hot potato in the department. The next day Officer Hannon called out injured. After twelve days Officer Hannon received no correspondence on the incident from Commissioner Chong or Chief Bradley. Officer Hannon wrote second report to the Commissioner Chong and Chief Bradley and still received no response from the Commissioner or the Chief. After not receiving any correspondence from the second letter the White Plains Police Union attorney sent another letter on Officer Hannon’s behalf. Officer was put on total disability for 30 days.

“We feel that Assistant Chief Anne Fitzsimmons should be held accountable for her actions which caused Officer Hannon to miss over three months of work and still may require surgery to repair. If this incident happens anywhere else (in the City Of White Plains) the person responsible would have been arrested for assault and the chair taken as evidence”, said White Plains PBA President Rob Riley.

After many letters and no answer from Commissioner Chong or Chief Bradley on the Chief Fitzsimmons assault. Officer Hannon had no choice but to file a complaint with the White Plains Mayor office of Illegal discrimination and harassment on Oct. 10, 2011. Should we be surprised that as of the print this article Officer Hannon has not received any response from the Mayor?

After getting the old Ali shuffle from White Plains police brass and the Mayor’s office, Officer Hannon and the WP Police Union thought that they could find justice at the District Attorney’s Office.

“We decided to go to the DA’s office after I called Police Chief James M. Bradley and asked the status of the internal investigation? The Chief stated that he (Officer Hannon) was insane and could not have been hurt like that.  Also that all paperwork had gone to city hall.” said Riley.

To their surprise they received the same shuffle. Officer Hannon and the PBA met with Assistant District Attorney Berit Huseby. DA Huseby was very adamant to have Lieutenant Mike Fitzmaurice of WPPD Internal Affairs to handle the investigation. This was opposed by Officer Hannon and the PBA because of the long term relationship between Fitzmaurice and Fitzsimmons. In their opinion, Fitzmaurice was also the one snow balling the initial investigation within Internal Affairs. This was the reason why they ask to meet with the DA’s office. Officer Hannon and the PBA felt that any investigation by Fitzmaurice could not be done in a non bias manner because of the relationship between Fitzmaurice and Fitzsimmons. For the interest of injustice Assistant DA Huseby kept Fitzmaurice as the investigator.

On February 28, 2012 Officer Hannon and his Attorney Mitchell Baker filed a Federal civil rights lawsuit against the City of White Plains and Assistant Chief Anne Fitzsimmons of the White Plains Police Department. The lawsuit alleges a violation of Officer Hannon’s civil rights under 42 USC Section 1983.

“Our organization wrote letters to the Mayor, Chong and Defiore”, said Damon K. Jones, New York Represenative, Blacks in Law Enforcement of America. “This woman should not be in charge of any operations in any police department,” he continued. “She has a federal lawsuit for violating someone’s Civil Rights, assaulting them, not to just any citizen; she did this to an officer under her command. The right thing to do is to remove her until the case is over.”

On March 7, 2012, the District Attorney’s office sent Officer Hannon a letter stating “there are irreconcilable differences between the accounts of the witnesses and they will not bring charges against Assistant Chief Fitzsimmons”

“Did they really think that Janet Defiore would bring assault charges on a Chief of Police in Westchester? That’s laughable,” said Dixson. “The Chiefs support the DA with campaign money. She’s a member of their organization. They are like Westchester’s Illuminati; completely untouchable, the sad things about it, these officers are just pawns in a bigger game and just don’t see it.”

“If they can do this to me (a Police Officer).” said Hannon. “Imagine what they have been doing to the average citizens in Westchester. I can’t blame any victim for wanting a special prosecutor of oversight.”

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Matthew Chacko February 3, 2015 at 9:19 PM

I just found out about this case and Mr. Hannon and his situation. I was brutally and illegally assaulted and hospitalized and had surgurgy and severe damages on my face requiring 55 stitches in 4 different places from asst. chief Fitzsimmions son who is a WPPD officer. Please contact me because come to your surprise it is Ada Beirut Huesby and Lt. Fitzmaurice who are the ones who did investigation and are covering mine up also!!!


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