June 10, 2023

Working Families Party Endorses Jumaane Williams for Governor 

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NEW YORK, NY — The New York Working Families Party tonight announced their endorsement of Jumaane Williams for Governor of New York. The influential third-party looks to partner with Williams to make New York more affordable for families at a time when many are struggling with the cost of housing, health care, and child care.

Williams was part of the Working Families Party’s insurgent City Council wave in 2009. The Party supported his run for Lieutenant Governor in 2018. He captured 47% of the vote against the now-Governor Kathy Hochul, despite being outspent more than 20-to-1. With the backing of the Working Families Party, Williams won a 2019 city-wide special election to succeed Letitia James as New York City Public Advocate.

During his time as New York City Public Advocate, Williams has passed more legislation than any Public Advocate in history, including key bills to protect people in the workplace, promote public safety, and end housing discrimination. As a New York City Councilmember, he passed nearly 70 bills, including landmark legislation to curb the NYPD’s abusive stop-and-frisk policies and enact paid sick leave in New York City.

“I’m a Working Families Democrat because I believe our government can build a better future for the many, not the few. I’m running for Governor because I know what’s possible and am tired of an entrenched establishment standing in the way of progress,” said Jumaane Williams, candidate for New York State Governor. “Throughout my career of taking on the powerful to create change, the Working Families Party has been with me on the side of political courage and conviction, not convenience. We’ve fought and won many battles before, and I’m honored to have their support now as we work together to bring transformational change to the State of New York.”

“Jumaane has been a champion for working people since day one. We can count on him to stand up to real estate interests, Wall Street banks, and health insurance executives who are driving the agenda in Albany,” said Sochie Nnaemeka, Director of the New York Working Families Party. “This moment calls for hopeful leadership that will level the playing field for working New Yorkers and make sure that everyone has guaranteed housing, quality health care, and excellent public schools.”

“As NYC Public Advocate, Jumaane has worked to hold the powerful accountable and give voice to the needs of everyday New Yorkers. He leads by example—and that includes putting his body on the line to protect immigrants in our community,” said Theo Oshiro, New York Working Families Party Officer and Co-Executive Director of Make the Road Action. “Our state has an opportunity to move forward from the old ways of governing. After years of corruption and scandal, it’s time for a new beginning.”

“No one in New York State should have to worry about where they’re sleeping at night because they can’t afford housing. No one should have to die because they don’t have health care,” said India Walton, Senior Adviser for the New York Working Families Party. “In one of the wealthiest states in the country, everyone should be fed, sheltered, and cared for. That’s the New York that Jumaane Williams is ready to build.”

Background on the Endorsement Process: The New York Working Families Party’s gubernatorial endorsement process engaged hundreds of Working Families Party members and affiliates. The process began with candidate meetings across three geographic regions covering the entire state. The candidates for Governor then presented and answered questions from our state committee members. After further discussions with chapters and membership, the state committee voted to endorse Jumaane Williams.

Background on the New York Working Families Party: The Working Families Party has played a major role in New York State’s progressive shift over the past two decades. In 2018, the Working Families Party recruited and endorsed six successful challengers to members of the Independent Democratic Conference, whose elections ushered in the first Democratic State Senate in eight years. In 2020, the Party won 33 contested Democratic state legislative primaries across the state and exceeded the state’s newly imposed ballot requirements by a significant margin, demonstrating the party’s statewide strength.

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