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Witness says Rob Astorino’s has Fraudulent nominating petitions on Stop Common Core ballot line

A Manhattan woman who was a witness on hundreds of nominating petitions for the Rob Astorino-created Stop Common Core ballot line says she didn’t actually watch people sign them reported the Daily News.

Jenise Jett told the Daily News that she and her two adult kids were among two dozen people in a room who were handed the already-filled-out petitions to add their signatures as witnesses.

NYS Election Law states that the witness must see each person sign the  nomination petition. The witness signs the bottom to concur that all signature are indeed signed by said individuals.

The Daily News also reported that, in addition to appearing as a witness on petitions for Republican gubernatorial candidate Astorino, Jett also signed as a witness on petitions for state Senate candidate Joe Dillon, a Westchester County Republican who also wanted to run on the Stop Common Core line.

Astorino needed 15,000 voter signatures statewide to get on the Stop Common Core ballot line. Dillon needed 3,000 from within the district he hoped to represent.

Dillon was recently taken of the ballot by Westchester county Board of Elections.

Jett told The Daily News she never went to Westchester, where the Dillon petitions had to be signed by potential voters.

She wouldn’t disclose the location of the room where the already-filled-out petitions were handed over for witness signatures. to the Daily News.

“There were a lot of us doing the witness statement, not just me,” she said.

She then quickly hung up and didn’t return followup calls



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