#WINWITHBLACKWOMEN Spearheads Nationwide Theatre Buyouts For The Little Mermaid Opening Weekend

#WinWithBlackWomen and Black women leaders support Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” starring actress Halle Bailey’s opening weekend buying out more than 100 theaters across the country to advance the collective goal to elevate the positive, inspirational image of Black women and girls in the media.

#WinWithBlackWomen and Black Women Leaders across the country collaborated to launch an inspiring nationwide theater buyout campaign for the opening weekend of “The Little Mermaid.” Black Women Leaders from diverse sectors led the charge which resulted in more that 100 theater buyouts, underscoring the essential role of supporting the empowering story of “The Little Mermaid” and the influential image of Black women.

“#WinWithBlackWomen is proud to stand behind the transformative narrative of The Little Mermaid. We understand the powerful influence of representation and want to highlight the importance of supporting strong, dynamic depictions of Black women in all walks of life,” says Jotaka Eaddy, the founder of #WinWithBlackWomen.

Nationwide, Black Women Leaders hosted screening events in support of the film’s opening, contributing to The Little Mermaid’s historic box office success and its status at the number one film in the world. They aimed to create a shared space for communities to convene, engage in impactful conversation, and celebrate the compelling narrative and characters within the film. Black Women are investing in bringing positive images to their community. This includes major markets like Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Atlanta and New York, but also held events in other markets including but not limited to Florence, SC; Kansas City, MO; Jackson, MS; Columbia, SC, Prince George’s County Maryland, Little Rock, AR; and Clayton County, GA.

Esteemed supporters of this initiative included best-selling author Luvvie Ajayi Jones, business leaders Michelle Dubois, Jotaka Eaddy, Tameika Isaac Devine and renowned filmmakers Gina Prince-Bythewood, Felecia Henderson, and Mara Brock Akil. Culture & Political Strategists Holli Holliday, Danyell Smith, Christina Cue; and PR executive Gwen McKinney, along with State Senator Kandie Smith, Advocates Deborah Scott, Felicia Davis, Hollye Weeks, Erica Ford, and many others, have all pledged their backing to this initiative.

Holli Holliday, entrepreneur and #WinWithBlackWomen leader, shares her thoughts: “As a Black Woman business owner who serves the community, I think it’s crucial that we share positive Black images on the screen, off the screen, and buying screens. Black children should be inspired to play all the positions.”

The group has procured over 100 theater buyouts for young children across the country, encouraging Black women and allies to follow suit. This impressive act signifies more than mere film screening; it’s a testament to the compelling narratives of bravery, resilience, and strength that echo the lived experiences of Black women.

Eaddy further adds, “We believe our collective actions will ignite inspiration within future generations. This is about more than a film; it’s a spotlight on stories of courage that are a reflection of Black women. We need more stories like this.”

#WinWithBlackWomen anticipates continued significant turnout for the nationwide theater buyout campaign, sending a clear and powerful message about the importance of representation, diversity, and inclusivity across media and beyond.

About #WinWithBlackWomen: #WinWithBlackWomen is an intergenerational, intersectional collective of Black women leaders from various backgrounds in the public and private sectors committed to advancing and uplifting Black women, our families, and communities. The collective formed in 2020 through its inaugural open letter speaking out against racism and sexism in the 2020 election cycle. WWBW, through its efforts, helped make a significant impact on the historic election, which elected the nation’s first Black woman Vice President, mobilized to ensure the successful confirmation of the first Black woman to the US Supreme Court and supported efforts to help bring Brittney Griner home among other efforts aimed at advancing Black women.