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Mount Vernon Councilman Richard Thomas Gives Residents Tips On Combatting The Winter Blizzard

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As the winter blizzard bears down on New York, Mount Vernon Councilman and Chairman of Legislation and Public Works, which oversees snow removal, Richard Thomas urges residents to keep safe, move cars to municipal lots, and stay indoors. In a statement he said:

“The resolve of the men of Mt. Vernon’s Department of Public Works is without question. They are ready to fight the blizzard despite major equipment needs. This will be an all hands on deck storm and our snow removal crew needs us as much as we need them to dig out together.

“As much as possible, please move your cars off of the streets and into municipal lots or consult with your neighbors to share their driveway. Check on the elderly and make sure you have flashlights and blankets ready in case of an outage.

“Residents are urged to keep a watchful eye on their areas and aid first responders by not putting more snow in the street. If you see a fire hydrant, clear off the snow so it is visible. Please call 211 for non-life threatening events or call the following City agencies for assistance:

914-665-2500 – POLICE DEPARTMENT
914-665-2626 – FIRE DEPARTMENT
914-665-2460 – PUBLIC WORKS
914-668-3528 – WATER DEPARTMENT

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As part of an effort to enhance safety, Councilman Thomas shares the following information for public distribution.

For storm updates residents should check with the New York State Office of Emergency Management.

For electric and gas service updates, please check with Con Edison at or call 1-800-75-CONED (752-6633).

Additional safety tips include:
· Shovel snow in moderation, particularly if you have any medical condition
· Do not shovel snow from driveways and sidewalks into the street.
· Check on elderly and disabled relatives, neighbors and friends.
· Do not tailgate plow trucks or walk behind them; it is difficult for the operator to see you.
· Look out for falling ice and snow from roofs, gutters, and tree branches.
· Be prepared before your power goes out.

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