June 10, 2023
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Why Is Eric Adams Supporting People Who Have Destroyed A Public School District?

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On June 10, 2015, former state senator and current Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams, is on a YouTube tape making a supporting statement for the satmar Jewish community of Kirus Joyal NY. This sect is the same that has destroyed the East Ramapo NY school district , The issue of annexation is relevant to the issues that are going in East Ramapo. It is so bad that as of this writing the people of the public school community in East Ramapo, NY., are fighting tooth and nail to get a fiscal monitor appointed by the governor of New York to oversee the financiers of the school district.

I lived in the East Ramapo community from March of 1990 until December of 2013. I moved my family to Florida to get my son in a better school district.

On June 15,2015 I was listening to a blog radio show by the group United Monroe,who were at the meeting and where going over the speakers that the were defending this orthodox group.It sickened me that a man I respected ,was friends with a former officer who I had worked with for years ,stood up for the community of New York under the leadership of former mayor Rudy Giuliani, and was there when the correction officers from the African Diaspora of Westchester County formed the Guardians Association under the leadership of retired Sgt. Allen Garden.

Is former senator and retired New York City police captain ,current Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams,in the business of supporting people who have oppressed African-American and Latino children of East Ramapo school district.

Five question I would ask borough president Eric Adams:

1) What was your purpose speaking at a town hall meeting that is 60 miles from Brooklyn ?

2) Since you are Brooklyn borough president, who convinced you to attend this meeting in Monroe which is in Orange County,NY.?

3) When did you become concerned with this issue of annexation in Monroe,N.Y.?

4) Do you know one of the speakers at this meeting is the main reason the East Ramapo school district is in the condition it is in today?

5) Since you are so concerned about what is going on in the Hudson Valley area of New York ,why didn’t you as a state senator did not say a word about the oppression that is going on in the East Ramapo School district?

Clyde Hilliard Jr. MPH CCHP
Former WCDOC Officer Retired

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