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Why Has It Taken So Long For Westchester DA Anthony Scarpino To Release Bad Cop List?

Could it be his investigators, Andrew Ludlum is allegedly one of the names on that list?

It’s no secret in the police reform community that District Attorneys always have a “ Bad Cops “ list, but only recently in this new age of Criminal Justice accountability have District Attorneys all across the nations begin to make the list of cops that can’t be trusted, public.

Here in New York, District Attorneys are following suit to inform the public on Police Officers who took an oath to protect and serve the community but unfortunately can’t be trusted on arresting reports, evidence gathering, testimony, past misconduct allegations, and lawsuits; information like this is usually supplied to prosecutors and sometimes defense lawyers.

Brooklyn District Attorney, Eric Gonzalez told the Gothamist, the release should not be interpreted as an attack on officers. “This is not an indictment of the thousands of dedicated officers who work in our communities and with us in partnership every day to keep the people of Brooklyn safe,” he said. “That said, we take police credibility very seriously because inaccurate statements by members of law enforcement strike at the heart of our criminal justice system, cause significant harm to the public trust and may lead to wrongful convictions. Our job is to contend with this complex reality and to make the best determinations in every case.”

October 2019, the Bronx District Attorney Office released their “Bad Cops” list and in November of 2019, both Queens and Brooklyn District Attorney’s offices released their lists, which each included names of ex-Staten Island cops and then Manhattan District Attorney released his list in December.

The release of the list in Philadelphia prompted the public defender’s office to petition the DA to reexamine thousands of convictions, as many of the officers on the list were members of units that made multiple arrests per day.

Black Westchester has covered multiple cases throughout Westchester where Officer’s credibility and ethics were questioned. Are we to believe there are no bad cops?

But the current district attorney in Westchester County who ran on prosecuting corruption has not shown himself to be more than a male version of his predecessor Janet DiFiore. At least DiFiore did prosecute two Yonkers cops, but it was more to cover herself because she prosecuted several cases where these officers were involved, if you call being sentenced to 8 and 20 weeks of weekends in jail a prosecution. 

Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr., continues to turn a blind eye to police corruption like the highly publicized illegitimacy of former MVPD Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Spiezio. Several complaints have been filed but Scarpino refused to do what the residents have elected him to do – prosecute corruption as he promised.

You read the Zachery Gates II article – Swept Under The Rug: Police Union Corruption in White Plains PBA – about the White Plains Police Department. We have received several calls from those close to the department that told us we haven’t even scratched the surface when the story ran on

MVPD Officer Murashea Bovell and his Attorney Joseph Murray [Black Westchester]

DA Scarpino did nothing when MVPD Officer Murashea Bovell was allegedly retaliated against for exposing corruption within the MVPD. While on the People Before Politics Radio show, his attorney Joseph Murray said they sent the information to DA Scarpino and despite several attempts to follow up, have never heard a peep from the District Attorney who ran on prosecuting corruption. Officer Bovell – a 12-year veteran of the department – is now suing the city and police department over what he claims is ongoing retaliation for his exposure of corruption, including a sergeant calling him a “rat” and a “snitch” in front of his colleagues at roll call.

The claims of corruption are not limited to Mount VernonYonkers and White Plains, this week we got calls about the Eastchester Police Dept. confiscating nine guns from the widow of a deceased EPD officer and not receipt or documentation given to the widow until a year later and some of the guns have gun missing from police custody.

On the day of her husband’s death, two EPD Lieutenants Kiernan (also head of internal affairs) and Hunter entered her home and confiscated 9 firearms and her deceased husband’s Westchester County pistol permit. A receipt for said items was never issued to her which is unheard of in law enforcement. She continually requested a receipt of some documentation because of her fear of being liable for unaccounted firearms. Finally, after almost a year, she received report 1799-19 which is very disturbing. 2 firearms are reported as stolen or missing. 2 firearms are listed as unknown origins. The EPD also informed her that her husband’s pistol permit was not turned over to the Westchester County pistol permit division until March 2019. It is supposed to be done immediately. Also, firearms have unknown makes, models and serial numbers.

In a county that has a Democratic County Executive, Democratic County Legislator, and Democratic District Attorney’s office, what is taken our Westchester District Attorney Anthony Scarpino so long to act on the bad cops list that other District Attorneys have released? The lack of transparency is a detriment to the progressive values of the Westchester County Democratic party that just recently endorsed him for re-election and that’s Real Talk.

One could make the case maybe Scarpino isn’t aware of corruption in police departments in Westchester County. But how can that be when Assistant District Attorney, Ms. Prisco called “the Mount Vernon Police Incompetent” and says “They need an overhaul of the Police Department,” in her summation, in County Court on Wednesday, May 10, 2017.

Once again we have to ask why has it taken so long for DA Scarpino, whose father was a former MVPD Deputy Police Commissioner, to release the Bad Cop List? Could it be the delay have something to do with one of his investigators Andrew Ludlum allegedly being one of the names on that list? Ludlum who went from investigator to the intelligence division? Inquiring minds want to know.

We have invited DA Scarpino to appear on our radio show People Before Politics, to address these issues, before the upcoming Democratic Primary, but unlike his opponent Mimi Rocah, he has yet to accept our invitation and has not responded to our request for comment.


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