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Why Is DA Difiore Considered For NYS Court of Appeals After Failing To Bring Families Full & Fair Investigations In Westchester

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DA Difiore delivers statement on Chamberlain [Black Westchester]If we don’t make our voices heard when it matters or challenge our leaders we have no right to complain about how they lead. The news of the possibility of Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore being considered for a spot on the New York State Court of Appeals is very disturbing to me. Why you ask, well its very simple Danroy DJ Henry, Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., just two names of many that I could mention. Names of victims of injustice, names of individuals who needlessly lost their lives at the hands of law enforcement, names of individuals whose families were promised full and fair investigations into their deaths and although evidence suggested that there should be indictments there were none.

The rule of law says that the our government, agents, and officials are to be held to the same set of rules which enables a fair and functioning society. The New York State Court of Appeals is a court that focuses on broad issues of law. It is the highest court in the State of New York and while no one is perfect when you are being considered for a position in that court, it should be a person who is firm, fair, and consistent. A person who will apply the law equally, not a person who stated that a racial slur was used as a tactic to distract a Black man.

Kenneth Chamberlain Jr. [Black Westchester]Yes I am a family member of a victim of injustice, and if questionable police shootings, misconduct, and brutality were not investigated fully and fairly on a local level by Westchester County’s top law enforcement officer why should the people of Westchester County or New York State believe that anything different will take place on an appellate level?

So if the squeaky wheel truly gets the oil then I make a logical not an emotional appeal to the people of Westchester County and to New York State to stand up, speak out and let the Governor know that this appointment will be nothing but another channel that will give the appearance of justice but will in turn fail the people every time.

Editor’s Note: On Tuesday September 8, 2015 at 3:00pm the City of White Plains, NY will be going before a Federal Judge in an attempt to get the case Chamberlain, Jr., has against them in the killing of his father, thrown out. He is requesting the presence of all those who support him in this fight to help me pack out the court room on that day.
Tuesday September 8, 2015
United States District Court
300 Quarropas Street
White Plains, NY 10601

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