Why Black & Latino Law Enforcement Say Andre Wallace is the Best Candidate for Mayor of Mt. Vernon

On Friday, May 17, 2019, Black and Latino law enforcement organizations from all over New York State stood on the steps of Mount Vernon City Hall to announce their support for Councilman Andre Wallace for Mayor of Mount Vernon. 

The organizations were the National Latino Officers Association, Blacks in Law Enforcement of America, Westchester Hispanic Law Enforcement Association, Grand Council of Guardians,  Westchester Correction Association, and the NYS Hispanic Court Officers Society. 

As law enforcement professionals from throughout the state of New York, we have watched the dysfunction, alleged criminality, and abuse of power from within City Hall of Mount Vernon. 

It has been no secret in Westchester political circles that the only elected official that has publicly stood up to the harassment, corruption and the public oppression of residents of Mount Vernon during the Thomas Administration has been Councilman Andre Wallace. 

Councilman, Andre Wallace has been steadfast in dealing with these issues of governmental accountability and fairness that ultimately has brought a criminal indictment against the City’s top Lawyer, Lawrence Pocari. 

The fact of the matter is, when county and state officials needed information on the issues with Memorial Field, they called Andre Wallace. When county and state officials required information on the illegally closed business by the Thomas Administration, they called Andre Wallace. But unfortunately for the people of Mount Vernon, the Mount Vernon political welfare system supports a candidate that is committed to protecting a political club that only concerns itself with advancing individuals on the shoulders and backs of the home owners, students, and business owners.  This cannot continue the people of Mount Vernon deserve and need a robust and forward-thinking Mayor, and that person is Councilman Andre Wallace.    

Our organizations recognized the Democratic Candidate’s history in law enforcement. But we also knew under his command, as Police Commissioner of the Mount Vernon Police Department, there were a pattern and practice of corruption and violations of Black and Brown people by Detectives under his command.  This pattern and practice of corruption under his supervision has had long-lasting effects on residents of Mount Vernon.  In light of these cases, Councilman Andre Wallace has pledged, if elected he will request a review of all arrest of these Detectives to validate the validity and integrity of the cases. 

From a law enforcement perspective, when an outside law enforcement agency has to come into any law enforcement agency to investigate and arrest rank and file Officers to include the then Chief of Detectives. That law enforcement agency leadership has failed miserably the leadership let down good cops and the City of Mount Vernon that is what you had under the current Democratic nominee.  We do not need to go back to the dark days of 1994; the City of Mount Vernon must move forward and not continue to live in the past.   

If the Democratic Candidate could not control the Police Department under his command of approximately 200 sworn police officers. How is he going to manage an entire city government? 

Councilman Andre Wallace co-sponsored Mount Vernon Civilian Complaint Review Board. This legislation is the first of its kind in Westchester’s 43 municipalities to have a form of subpoena power. With Councilman Wallace’s efforts, residents now have a process to assist them in addressing complaints and concerns against police officers.

Andre Wallace understands that you cannot arrest your way out of crime and violence. It takes a concentrated effort of economic development, job training, and education assisted by a functioning government to get Mount Vernon out of its dilemma. 

Mount Vernon has suffered from recycled leadership that has been out of touch with modern-day solutions. Mount Vernon cannot afford another recycled leader that hasn’t been involved in the community and cannot detail what they have done for the City in the last three years to better the quality of life of the people of Mount Vernon. 

On June 25, 2019, we are asking all voters in the resilient City of Mount Vernon to vote for Andre Wallace for Mayor of Mount Vernon 8A, Joyce Brown 11A, and Danielle Scholar 12A. 

Blacks in Law Enforcement of America believes that LawEnforcements‘ mission is to protect and serve. Not to contain the poor, the economically disadvantaged, or to take advantage of those who cannot fight back.  We stand and support Andre Wallace for Mayor.  

Damon K. Jones 
Blacks in Law Enforcement of America