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Who Do You Call About Unsafe Living Conditions In Your Apartment Building ***Updated, Tuesday, Aug 31st***

6 Webster Ave Tenants in New Rochelle write letter to editor to Black Westchester after getting no results from management company

This started out as a simple letter to the editor from some of our readers about unsafe living conditions in their apartment building and quickly turned into something much bigger. The further we went, we were left with more questions than answers and uncovered a problem bigger than just this apartment building. Its time for some Real Talk!

Black Westchester has received several calls from residents of 6 Webster Avenue in New Rochelle about conditions of the building. They have reached out to Josh Cohen of J and P Management several times to share their complaints to no avail. So like many others as a last ditch effort for assistance they reached out to Black Westchester to help get them some answers and to shed some light on the situation. Below see the Letter To The Editor from the residents;

To whom it may concern;

We are the tenants at 6 Webster Avenue New Rochelle, NY. The building is owned by Josh Cohen of  J and P Management 727 Main Street New Rochelle, NY (914) 668-6680. We hope this letter falls in helping hands. We have reached out to Mr. Cohen about several issues such as unruly neighbors, safety and cleanliness. 

Mr. Cohen have video recordings of tenants in apartments B4 and E4 urinating in common areas, leaving garbage in the lobby/hallways and theft of several packages. The traffic within the building has increased drastically. Although we have key/remote access, safety is a major concern. Guest double park in front of the building, some seen sleeping in their cars. Guest are seen under the influence struggling to walk down the stairs. Large groups enter at once, smoking marijuana in the lobby, yelling and leaving garbage. We are forced to use the back entrance to prevent guest from unauthorized entry. 

Although Mr. Cohen is aware of the issues we are subjected to, he fails to act in a manner which ensures a safe, welcoming comfortable environment. When concerns or issues are brought to Mr. Cohen’s attention, he minimizes the issues. 

We are in desperate need of assistance in addressing these issues. We trust your assistance would be instrumental in an amicable resolve.


6 Webster Ave Tenants 

We reached out to Mr. Cohen, left a message and he called us back immediately. Mr. Cohen said he agrees with the entire second paragraph on the letter – which I read to him over the phone – and talked about going to the New Rochelle Police Department and being told there was nothing they can do even though Cohen had video of people urinating in hallways and common areas and video of an apartment being broken into.

“I agree with every single word they said,” Mr. Cohen tells Black Westchester. “The tenant in E4 is a disgusting. I am not allowed to evict anybody. There are tenants running rampant, doing whatever they want selling drugs, buying drugs, peeing on the floor and there is nothing I can do. This week I went to New Rochelle Police Department with video of a guy peeing on the alleyway and the cops said we are not arresting anyone at this time. I said don’t arrest him, give him a ticket. They said ‘no we’re not going to do that either, that’s not serious enough. What am I supposed to do? They said I don’t know what you are supposed to do. I cannot evict anyone, Apartment E4 owes money. So yes I agree some of the tenants are horrendous, I give them notices but that means nothing. Notices means nothing to an animal sir… what can I do, please put this in article. What can I do when the police do nothing and you cannot go to landlord tenant court? When E4’s lease comes up I have to renew their lease or I go to jail. I also had a tenant break into another apartment, all caught on footage, but he didn’t steal anything. He broke into the apartment that wasn’t occupied and he was getting high with a friend and its all caught on camera and the cops said no because he didn’t steal anything.”

As for the B&E, Cohen claims he was told by the NRPD, since the person did not steal anything there was nothing they can do. Question, isn’t Breaking and Entering still a crime?

So next we called the NRPD. We were asked did we see the video, which we had not, but I informed them on Mr. Cohen’s claims and the fact that I was looking for answers, I was told that they could not give me any information on the situation. Next let’s see if we can get some answers for the residents in City Hall, the City Council, the Mayor, the City Manager, anyone?

We heard back from City Hall’s communication Manager and we are expecting a call from the City Manager, but did not get that call by press time.

Again the further, I go, I’m left with more questions than answers, So I will share this editorial with State Senator Majority Andrea Stewart-Cousins and US Congressman Jamaal Bowman. New Rochelle is in both of their districts. There has to be some relief for the tenants and it appears the landlords do not necessarily have it much better. What do you do, who do you call about unsafe living conditions in your apartment building? It’s time for some REAL TALK because this issue appears not to be limited to just 6 Webster Avenue in New Rochelle, we are hearing many other apartment buildings in urban areas are going to exactly the same thing. So what’s the answer? These residents have to right to be safe in their buildings. The residents of 6 Webster Avenue also mentions a dope house in apartment B4 that nothing is being done about making their living conditions even more dangerous in addition to the unauthorized presence of many hanging in the lobby who do not live there.

Black Westchester will continue to shed light on this situation until something is done! If you have an issue in your community you want BW to shed some light on or you just want to address send you Letter To The Editor at

A few days after the story we received this response from City of New Rochelle and the NRPD

AJ- see below from NRPD. As noted, please have Mr. Cohen reach out to the NRPD Desk Supervisor at (914) 654-2300.

From NRPD:

NRPD records show that the last time the PD was called to the 6 Webster Ave was on 7/3/21 at 6:26 pm for an EMS.  There have been no other complaints reported at or to this address since. If Mr. Cohen came to NRPD to file a complaint as indicated, please have him contact us with the time and date of his visit and the name of the NRPD employee with whom he spoke so we can follow up further.

Regarding the additional issues: Urinating in public  is a City Code violation, and by law must be witnessed by a police officer for enforcement. NRPD can investigate the theft of stolen packages, and double parking. Sleeping in cars is not illegal, nor is it illegal to smoke marijuana or be under the influence unless driving a motor vehicle. 

The owner or management bears much of the responsibility in keeping their property and tenants safe.  If tenants are acting in a manner as described the owner should consult an attorney to discuss possible civil remedies, such as eviction. 

I shared this info with Mr. Cohen who said he would follow up with the NRPD. Stay tuned to Black Westchester for more on this developing story!


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3 Comments on Who Do You Call About Unsafe Living Conditions In Your Apartment Building ***Updated, Tuesday, Aug 31st***

  1. Eviction???? Hello? There is a moratorium on evictions!!!! The City of New Rochelle always gives lame excuses. Take a video of the creep passing in the alleyway and show it to the police. Better still, install cameras!!!!

  2. Norwood Builder // August 30, 2021 at 12:51 PM //

    Dear Mr. Woodson, the problem at 6 Webster begs more than just the power of your impressive journalistic skills and website, but an actual in-person visit to the building to meet with tenants and the landlord. Knock on the door of the questionable tenant in apartment E4 and get his side of the story. You have considerable influence and can help broker a solution to this issue. Please step outside the pages of this website, roll-up your sleeves, and see the issue first hand. The account of your visit has the potential to make a most interesting follow-up article. Will you do it?

  3. Chris Arlotta // August 27, 2021 at 1:51 PM //

    I’m glad you published Mr. Cohen’s entire statement – this problem is a direct result of decades of democrat party rule and now, by design, the system is overwhelmed and nothing can be done. The police can’t help for fear of being recorded actually enforcing the law and then have elected politicians criticize them, so they fear for their jobs – the law says you can’t evict them – who does that hurt besides the landlord? The other tenants that want to live in peace. Stop voting for democrats – they are the root cause of this problem.

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