June 8, 2023

I Will Always Love You.. Whitney and Kristina Reunite in Heaven..

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February 11, 2012 is a date most of will never forget. At the age of 48, just 2 years shy of her 50th, One of the most iconic voices of our generation Whiney Houston was found face down in her Beverly Hills hotel bathroom. The world was at a stand still for just 3 years earlier we just lost another icon, Micheal Jackson, three years before James Brown. Something about those 3’s.

Bobbi Kristina and Whitney had an inseparable bond, the kind you could feel when she sung to her baby. The twinkle in her eye when she looked at her. Bobbi who idolized her mother, rightfully devastated and overwhelmed by grief after the first anniversary of her mother’s death in 2013, was pictured being taken from her then home in Los Angeles on a stretcher appearing unconscious. She was hospitalised for treatment, after mixing alcohol with a sedative.
It seems like medicating the pain was her only coping mechanism to ease the heartache.
There’s some that just can’t live without each other, many stories of married couples, brother and sisters, that passed shortly after they’ve lost the person they were the closest to.


Eriely similar to Bruce Lee and his son Brandon Lee passing away nearly the same exact way, On January 31, 2015 just 12 days shy of the third anniversary of her mother’s death, sadly Bobbi was also found the same way as her mother Whitney. It’s almost like Whitney no longer wanted to be without her baby and called her home, or Bobbi couldn’t take the pain of being here without whom some considered to be her best friend. Whatever Gods reasoning is behind this tragedy neither one suffers any longer. July 26, 2015 it was announced Bobbi’s family came to the mutual decision it was time to let her go. She passed away surrounded by her family at Peachtree Christian Hospice Center.

Entertainment Tonight has reported  Bobbi Kristina’s Funeral will be held in Atlanta, Georgia and she will of course be buried right beside her mother in New Jersey. A truly sad love story. Once again Mother and Daugther reunited until the end of time. Our condolences go out to both the Brown and The Houston family.

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