June 10, 2023
Weekly Word Of Inspirations

Weekly Word Of Inspiration: “When You Fall, the Lord Lifts You Up” By Pastor Stephen W. Pogue

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I am sure you know people who take great pleasure in watching you fail. They will do all they can to make sure that you do not succeed. They will attempt to put every roadblock and obstacle in your way that they can. These folks will even endeavor to rally people to be against your success. It is in these times that you, a child of God, cannot allow what your enemies do to stop you from getting to the place that God has for you.

Before He can move you forward, God sometimes has to show you your enemies. However, even when your enemies come against you, you cannot afford the time or energy to try to fight them, because you are on your way to your destiny and you have to use all of your energy to get to where God wants you to be.

The Scripture reminds you: “Not to have our enemies rejoice against us: when we fall, we shall arise; when we sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto us.”

I encourage you — send a memo to all of your enemies who are rejoicing because of a setback you may have had and tell them do not rejoice long, because with the Lord on your side you will get back up again. When you fall do not stay down, but look to the Lord for your strength to get back up again, and know that when you fall, you shall rise again. Do not let the darkness of a day, or the darkness of the night to allow you to settle for being in darkness the rest of your life, but know without a doubt that the Lord is your light. When the Lord is your light, you cannot be in darkness, because He is lighting a way for you, and no matter where you are, or how dark it may become, you have the light of the Lord lighting a way for you.

Continue to trust the Lord, and know in your heart that no matter how far you fall the Lord will pick you up, and no matter how dark it may be the Lord will be a light unto you. I am so grateful to know that the Lord will pick me up every time I fall, and He is my constant light that never goes out. Since I know that the Lord is the lifter of my head and the light in my heart, He will never let me fall without picking me up I have no doubt, “It’s My Year To Get My Thing From My God!”

Be Inspired,
Rev. Dr. Stephen W. Pogue, Pastor
Greater Centennial A.M.E. Zion Church
Mount Vernon, NY

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