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What To Do When Facing Foreclosure [A Tribute To My Mom]

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Photo Credit: Nicole Berbick

[Editor’s Note: My mother Patricia L. Henderson, passed July 11, 2014 and was a strong advocate of helping many people who were facing foreclosures, keep their homes. She was part of an international Women’s Service organization the seeks to improve the status of women at home and abroad, the Zonta Club of New Rochelle. After she passed from cancer a member of the group found my sister, Nicole’s email address and emailed her the audio from when my mom appeared of the Zonta Women’s Community Radio Show on WVOX 1460 AM with host Roxanne Neilson, January 2010, informing women what to do when facing foreclosure. For almost two years I held the audio to myself so i could hear her voice when I missed her, but realized that she helped so many people when she was alive that this audio could continue to help those who face foreclosure today, so I honor my mom but sharing her with all of you and posting the interview and pray the information blesses someone in the near future. My mom worked for the WRO -Westchester Residential Opportunities and had a wealth of knowledge. Some of the info may be dated and while the information and radio show is geared toward Women but I believe it can still be useful to point both males and females in the right direction.]

Women are 32% more likely to have received Sub prime Mortgages of all type them men regardless of income.
Women are 41% more likely than men to receive higher cost Sub Prime Loans regardless of income.
Millions of Women Business Owners who used their home equity to secure small business loans are now at risk of losing both their home and their business.

According to (Where Grown-Ups Keep Growing), While there are no exact numbers, widows in their 50s and older these days are among the most vulnerable to foreclosure — and some are facing eviction because they can’t afford to pay the mortgage on their own.

The ongoing debacle in global financial markets has been reported on widely in the US press. Less covered is the particular impact this unwinding economic downturn has had on women homeowners and women who have used equity in their homes to finance small businesses. Today we highlight a small part of the story with Patricia Henderson, a Paralegal, Foreclosure Specialist and housing counselor and new member of the Zonta Club of New Rochelle.

As foreclosure increases in Westchester County follow national trends, County Clerk Timothy C. Idoni urges Westchester residents who may be at risk of having their properties foreclosed, to seek counseling from a reputable counseling agency.  Residents who have received warning letters from their bank or lender, or who have fallen behind on their payments, should contact the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to obtain the name of a reputable counseling agency. A list of agencies can be obtained from the HUD website or by calling 1-800-569-4287. If a foreclosure action has been brought against you, beware of foreclosure rescue scams.  Making a bad situation worse can be avoided by relying on a reputable counseling agency or a trusted attorney to guide you through the process.  Residents who meet low-income guidelines may qualify for free legal services and should visit LawHelp for more details.

For more information on trying to avoid foreclosure and seeking help from a reputable counseling agency check the Westchester County Clerk website another resource for women is the Westchester Women’s Agenda, a strong voice for Women in Westchester.

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