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What About My Brother? He Deserves Justice Too! By Wilfred Dennis

I am wrestling with not knowing who shot and killed my brother. Whoever did this is walking around free, while my brother lay six feet under in a frozen grave. I am also wrestling with the fact that someone knows something but won’t say anything. That’s troubling because it might be one of the same people who my brother looked out for. People often say some slick stuff about him, but don’t say what good he has done for many of you and you know who you.

My brother wasn’t perfect, but he had a he cared for many and looked out for many. He never said no to you and you know what I am saying is facts. My brother held down many people and now no one is holding him down by saying something.

I hope and pray that no one goes through what my family is going through because this hurts.

I will continue to trust in the mighty name of the most-high and his name is Jesus. He knows who murdered my brother and in due time, it will come out. I am trusting in God to reveal the truth. I come from a praying family and I know that God hasn’t turned his back on my family.

My family will get justice, why? Because I claim it in the mighty name of Jesus. My encouragement to my family, stay focused, trust God, believe in his word, focus on the positive and not the negative. Live, love and laugh. Remember our loved one Kyle “Skeet” Dennis the life that he led, regardless of how he lived it, it was his life and no one else’s. I Love you all!! I love all of my brother’s true peeps who respected him and his life. #justiceforskeet


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  1. John R Jones Jr // March 16, 2017 at 11:56 AM //

    Im sorry that you and your family are going through this, as a former retired detective from the Mount vernon Police Department I am appalled that you have not received the proper services and respect that you and your family deserve! I can not understand why the Police Department has allowed the treatment you have received, its totally unacceptable and never should happen. That said I hope the killer responsible for this inhumane crime faces his fate soon!

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