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Black Law Enforcement: Westchester DA, Scarpino, Political Hail Mary Indictment Before Democratic Convention – Don’t Believe the Hype! 

The recent indictment by the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office of Former Mount Vernon Police Officer James Ready for body-slamming a handcuffed, shackled man is more symbolism than substance. 
With video of the assault that will shock the conscience of anyone watching, the Westchester District Attorney’s Office has waited almost two months at the office’s political conveyance to indict Mr. Ready right before the Westchester County Democratic Convention this week. 
It is no secret that Westchester District Attorney Anthony Scarpino is facing a credible challenger in Mrs. Mimi Rocah in the upcoming primary for Westchester District Attorney. 
Although we have always believed that charges should have been brought against Mr. Ready, we are also convinced that the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office is mixing Justice with their political survival. 
Our Organization has stated many times that the Westchester District Attorney’s Office has done a disservice to communities throughout Westchester County, especially when it comes to political and police corruption. 
The Westchester District Attorney’s Office has failed to investigate when Police Officers speak out about police corruption in their departments
Let’s not forget, this is the same District Attorney’s Office that allowed Joseph Spiezio to hold a Mount Vernon Deputy Police Commissioners Position illegally for almost three years.  
This illegal position was alleged to be used to change police reports, commit perjury, make unlawful orders to police officers and violate and harass the resident and employees of Mount Vernon and not one indictment. The District Attorney’s Office refused to investigate when residents and even former elected officials brought credible evidence to their office.  
We have always said that the District Attorney is the most important political position for a Black Person when casting their vote. Hail Mary political actions cannot lullaby the people to think that this office has ever been for Justice for Black People.
Damon K. Jones
New York Representative 
Blacks In Law Enforcement of America 

Blacks In Law Enforcement of America (BLEA) is a National organization of Black Law Enforcement Professionals who are Activists for Community Uplifting. As peace officers, their goal is to continue the fight for freedom, justice, and equality for all citizens.


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