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Westchester County PBA Pres. Michael Hagan Says DA Scarpino Releasing Bad Cop List Is Act of Grandstanding

There has been a lot of push back against Westchester County District Attorney Anthony Scarpino releasing on his Adverse Credibility List**,(commonly called a “bad cops list”). Among those pushing back or criticizing the current Westchester DA who is up for re-election are his opponent Mimi Rocah and now Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Keith Olsen and now Westchester County Department of Public Safety PBA President Michael Hagan.

The Bad Cop List is a list compiled by District Attorneys of Police Officers who took an oath to protect and serve the community but unfortunately can’t be trusted on arresting reports, evidence gathering, testimony, past misconduct allegations, and lawsuits; information like this is usually supplied to prosecutors and sometimes defense lawyers.

Westchester County Public Safety PBA President Michael Hagan released the following statement;

The list released by the District Attorney should give the public no reason to question the ability of the police community to carry out its mission. As for the Westchester County Police Department, one officer had a vehicle and traffic charge and other officers have “findings”, which are judges opinions, subjective determinations based on the ideology of the judge on the case. One needs to look no further than the decisions rendered by the U.S. Supreme Court to see that two different judges, looking at the same set of facts, can have very different opinions.

The release of this list is no more than an act of grandstanding by the District Attorney in a primary race that embraces the same progressive agenda responsible for the recent failures of Criminal Justice Reform. Instead of meaningful reform that continues to deliver on public safety, this agenda demonizes police while it turns a blind eye to career criminals, deters prosecutions with expensive and burdensome demands, and endangers the innocent by revealing personal information about victims and witnesses to offenders.

The information provided was already public knowledge, the creation of this list does nothing other than to provide fodder to the anti-police groups who are in the business of being critical of police on every issue.


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