June 8, 2023

Westchester Correction Union Support of Astorino is Disheartening and Disrespectful to its Membership

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Today the Westchester Correction Officer Benevolent Association (COBA) and the NYS Federation of Police (FOP) will be endorsing Robert Astorino for reelection for Westchester County Executive.

First, it is not surprising that the FOP nationally will endorse Astorino, the FOP has been a big supporter of President Trump and his immigration policies that have put the immigrant communities at risk. The FOP also supported Trump’s repeal of former President Obama’s 21 Century Policing model, specifically the recommendations on police oversight.

Westchester COBA President, Alonzo West

Second, the Corrections Officers of Westchester County have recently seen a wave of assaults on our officers.  There has been no outcry from our union leaders to address this issue. With continued post cuts and more violent gang members being incarcerated, there has to be a more proactive stance, or it will only get worse.

Most recently, the hard-working men and women of the Westchester County Department of Corrections are one of two county facilities in the United States that have received National Accreditation by the American Correctional Association (ACA). This means Correction Officers run the facility at the highest standards in the nation.

With all the accomplishment and dangers faced by the Westchester County Correction Officer, the Westchester County government has failed to act justly in rewarding the hard-working officers with a labor contract since 2015.

County Executive Astorino has failed since 2012 to fix a county policy that will strip an officer with less than five years of service of all his/her health benefits if the officer is classified disabled from being hurt on the job.

For these reasons, it is disheartening and disrespectful to the members of Westchester COBA that our leadership would cow down and stand and support Astorino for reelection when he doesn’t show the respect for a safe and secure facility or settle our contract.

Westchester COBA Leadership will be standing there for their own personal political gain, not the benefit of their membership that has suffered under the Astorino Administration.

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