Westchester Congregational Alliance Offers Home Ownership Seminar

This month the Westchester Congregational Alliance (WCA) invites interested individuals and families to learn about the benefits of home ownership in this one-day seminar. 

This initiative is a partnership between WCA and Community Housing Innovation (CHI), a White Plains non-profit organization whose vision is to end generational poverty and

foster upward economic mobility through its housing and homeownership programs. This is another opportunity provided by the five-church consortium of Westchester County churches responding to the economic needs of their communities.

“Homeownership is the bedrock for wealth creation in the United States,” says Rev. Ron Abad,

Chief Executive Officer of CHI.

“The Black Church has historically created and forged opportunities that strengthened communities through economic and community development activities resulting in affordable housing, home ownership, healthcare, jobs, entrepreneurship, access to capital, and wealth creation,” says Rev. Dr Gregory Smith, Chairman, Westchester Congregational Alliance. 

“We are committed to not only the spirituality of our church members, but their economic well-being,” says Pastor Verlin D. Williams of Union Baptist Church.

This program is open to all community members interested in learning valuable information and getting access to resources, to improve their financial lives through homeownership and building generational wealth.  Participants can register for virtual or in-person class observing COVID-19 safety protocols.

What: Pathway to Homeownership Seminar 

When: Saturday, June 25th, 2022 

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon 

Location: Union Baptist Church 

31 Manhattan Avenue, White Plains, NY

In person: Observing COVID-safety protocols 

Virtual: Zoom (link provided after registration)

Registration: Required-Eventbrite https://app.promotix.com/events/details/Pathway-to-Home-Ownership-tickets

The five churches and leaders involved are:

Reverend Dr. Gregory R. Smith of Mt. Hope A.M.E. Zion Church, Reverend Dr. Verlin D. Williams of Union Baptist Church, Reverend Dr. Edward O. Williamson of Bethel Baptist Church in White Plains, Bishop Wilbert G. Preston of Christ Temple Greater International Church and Reverend Erwin Trollinger of Calvary Baptist Church in White Plains.

Topics included:

We will cover important topics to help you create a Pathway to Homeownership  

  • Down payment savings plans 
  • Down payment assistance programs 
  • How to establish and/or improve your credit 
  • Affordable Homeownership.  Do I qualify?
  • Where do I begin:
    • The mortgage loan pre-qualification process.  
    • How much can I qualify for? 
    • Available first Homebuyer Resources.  

ABOUT Westchester Congregational Alliance for Community Development (WCA): An alliance between five Westchester County Churches around a common vision and purpose to improve the lives and well-being of our congregational members and communities by alleviating economic and housing disparities through proactive strategies that promote the creation of affordable housing, financial literacy curricula, equitable and fair housing policies, economic inclusion, and wealth creation.

ABOUT CHI (www.communityhousing.org): CHI provides homeownership, affordable/supportive housing, transitional housing and services in Westchester, Long Island, Hudson Valley, and New York City.  CHI believes quality, affordable housing provides a firm foundation for a prosperous life. CHI’s vision is to end generational poverty and foster upward mobility by ensuring that all families and individuals live in quality housing, have a home of their own and a job to support them.

For information about Sponsorships, Donations or General information:

Email jbason@trufund.org or intake@communityhousing.org.