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Westchester 2019 Election Result

If 2014 was a Blue Wave, 2019 was a Blue Sunami.

Now that the 2019 Westchester County elections are over we are less than a year before the 2020 Presidential Election. But before we jump the gun and talk about that let’s take a minute to go over the results of this election.

There were very few surprises the Democratic Party did exceptional well, Reggie Lafayette should be proud. If 2014 was a Blue Wave, 2019 was a Blue Sunami. The Dems who already had the majority in the County Board of Legislators, not only keep all their seats but pick up two more giving them a 15-2 advantage.

The major story was the Mount Vernon Mayoral race. We had three mayors in as many weeks, twice with a fight or which of the two claiming to be mayor was actually in charge. The underdog of the June primary, former Mount Vernon Planning Commissioner Shawyn Patterson-Howard made history as the first woman to be elected as Mayor of Mount Vernon.

She overwhelming defeated Mayor Andre Wallace – a Democrat who lost the primary and ran on the Republican Line (who had 18% of the vote)- and Mount Vernon Conservative Party Chairwoman Rosemarie M. Larosz (who garnered a mere 2% of the vote.) SPH won with 81% of the vote per Westchester County Board of Election results.

The other major mayoral races throughout the county pretty much went as expected with the incumbent retaining his seat. Mayor Mike Spano celebrated an overturning of term limits and won a third term, whooping Republican candidate Mario De Giorgio 75-25%.

New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson held off Republican challenger Brendan M. Conroy to serve a fourth term. Mayor Bramson who also ran on the Working Families Party got 63% of the vote garnering 8,478 votes.

Peekskill Mayor Andre Rainey – the youngest to be elected in 2017 (Peekskill mayors serve two-year terms – survived his Republican challenger, Vinnie Vesce, who ran on having more experience to take the city of Peekskill in the direction it needed to go and ran on a Bi-partisan ticket. But Mayor Rainey survived to serve a second term, 59-41%.

Even Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner who has been in office for 28 years and has run unopposed for the last 12 years, survived the challenge from Greenburgh Party Lucas Cioffi and residents who were unhappy with him about the Tarryhill Apts situation. Feiner won 68-32%.

And if former Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas did not have a corruption case against him to which he pleads guilty and was forced to step down, it is this writer’s belief he too would have won re-election. Let’s not forget Thomas only came up just under 200 votes short of winning the primary with a corruption case looming over his head and a court date 13 days after the primary scheduled.

One of the surprises of the night was Ruth Walter unseating County Legislator and Minority Whip Gordon A. Burrows in the 15th District which consists Bronxville and parts of Yonkers. Walter’s narrow 51-49% victory turned one of the remaining four Republican Legislator seats blue. I believe in her People Before Politics Radio pre-election interview, Ruth Walter told us she would be the first woman to ever hold the seat, making this another history-making victory and continuing the trend or woman elected official winning from the 2014 Midterm Election around the state and country. Walter appeal to the voters that Burrows had become complacent and they needed some fresh blood in the seat was evidently received and she comes away with the victory

Out of 17 races for Westchester County legislators, six were contested Tuesday. There are currently 13 Democrats and four Republican or Conservative legislators. Another legislator seat that turned blue was won by Democrat Colin Smith who won District 1, which is comprised of Cortlandt, Peekskill and Yorktown, over Republican Frank Catalina. The seat was up for grabs when Republican John Testa, the minority leader, chose not to run for another term.

The two victories give Democrats a 15-2 advantage leaving only Margret A. Cunzio (R, C, I) who ran unopposed in the 3rd Legislative District ( Mount Pleasant, North Castle, Pleasantville and parts of Briarcliff Manor, Sleepy Hollow and Greenburgh) and will go on to serve a second term and David J. Tubliolo (R,C,G,I, SAM) also ran unopposed to retain his seat in the 14th Legislative District the consists of parts of Yonkers and Mount Vernon.

The four Democratic Supreme Court Judge candidates Judge Gina C. Capone (25% – 141,273 votes), Lewis J. Lubell (24% – 138,124 votes), Judge Steven I Milligram (24% – 137,926 votes) and Judge Nancy Quinn Koba (17% – 98,065 votes), the two Democratic County Court Judge candidates Robert J. Prisco (42% – 114,252 votes) and Peekskill Court Judge Melissa A. Loehr (35% – 95,656 votes, and teh two Family Court Judges who went unopposed all won, Tuesday.

The good news for the Democrats is they control the State Senate, the Assembly, County Board of Legislators, have a Dem Governor and Count Executive and control many of the local municipalities. The bad news is if they do not deliver they have no one to blame.

Editor’s Note: All of the election results contained in this article were obtained from the Westchester County Board of Elections web site and are the unofficial tally of election results prepared in accordance with Section 9-126 of the New York State Election Law.

Due to multiple transcriptions of voting machine numbers involved in preparing the unofficial tally, all results are subject to error. Furthermore, in accordance with Section 8-142 of the New York State Election Law, some of the absentee votes may not be available for inclusion in the unofficial tally.

On election night, one or more election districts may not report their results. In addition, some reports may include errors which cannot be resolved election night. Official election results will be compiled and made available by the Westchester County Board of Elections in accordance with Section 9-214 of the New York State Election Law no later than twenty-five (25) days after the election.


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