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WE’LL ALWAYS LOVE BIG POPPA – WE’LL ALWAYS LOVE YA BIG… Remembering Biggie 21 years later

A Piece I wrote 11 Years Ago And Revised It For BW On The 21st Anniversary Of Biggie's Death - AJ 'AJ ROK' Woodson

Biggie Biggie Biggie can’t you see
Sometimes your words just hypnotize me
And I just love your flashy ways
Guess that’s why they broke, and you’re so paid (uh)
Biggie Biggie Biggie (uh-huh) can’t you see (uh)
Sometimes your words just hypnotize me (hypnotize)
And I just love your flashy ways (uh-huh)
Guess that’s why they broke, and you’re so paid (hah)

AJ & BiggieAnyone who knows me will tell you I’m the biggest B.I.G. fan. As an emcee I have always been a fan of and had great appreciated for flow and dude was the master of the flow. He could say just about anything and make it sound so smooth for real. I can’t believe today marks 19 years since dude was taken away from us. That would mean it will be 20 year anniversry of Pac’s death later this year. I can’t believe their murders are still unsolved to this day. I can still remember the morning of March 9th 1997, like it was yesterday.
I had a video show called Street Vibes in New York, that I wrote for, produced and co-hosted with my man Naquan (who I managed as an artist at the time), and my man Steve Oakley. It was Soul Train Awards time (can you believe this is the 30th Soul Train Awards this year, I’ll talk about that on another post). Anyway like I said it was the weekend of the Soul Train Awards and everybody was heading to L.A.
I decided to stay home, get some rest and chill with my girl at the time, who was always complaining I was always running and never spent enough time with her. My man Naquan went with his people. I’m at my girl’s krib and my pager goes off at 5-something in the morning. I wake up  singing the beginning of Biggie’s joint Warning in my head,
Who the hell is this? Pagin’ me at 5:46 in the mornin
crack a dawnin, now I’m yawnin,
wipe the cold out my eye
see who’s this pagin me and why…
I see the words “Yo A, Hit me back with a number I can reach you at,” across my screen, It was my man Naquan. So I page him back and my cell rings.
“Yo Dawg, they just shot Biggie,”
Now if it had been anybody else I would have hung up the phone on some yo stop playing tip. But this was my man, like my little brother. His family was the first family I met when I moved to Long Island. I was 7 and he and my sister was 2, so we go back.
He says it again, “Yo you heard what I said.”
Still in disbelief I asking for details, Naquan and his boy Mike was just kicking it with Big and Puff in the parking garage I believe he said. We were suppose to interview him for our video show that next week, when he got back from overseas. He wasn’t even suppose to be still in LA but he wanted to chill a little longer for the Soul Train Awards.
I turn on Hot 97 and Busta Rhymes is just calling in telling Angie Martinez, what Naquan is telling me. I’m filling him in on what the radio is saying like what hospital they took him to and Naquan is describing to me the atmosphere and how NY cats is bugging right now.
Naquan heads to the hospital but they wont let him go to the floor BIG is on, they got it on lockdown, I’m still bugging, I pull out the advance joint, Keep Ya Hands High with Philly artist Tracey Lee which was coming out in another week or two and played it a few times I just wanted to hear some new Biggie lyrics and Puff wasn’t trying to come up off of Life After Death advances for the press because of all the bootlegging. Hypnotize video had just been filmed in Los Angeles and I don’t think it was even done yet, if I remember correctly.
Sometime later the announced he was dead. To be totally honest I don’t remember much else. Everything was a blur. I remembering feeling like someone killed my brother or my cousin and I was mad. I wanted answers, I wanted someone to pay. I still can’t believe it’s been 18 years and writing this now I’m getting a little choke up like it was yesterday all over again.
Every step I take, every move I make
Every single day, every time I pray
I’ll be missing you
Thinkin of the day, when you went away
What a life to take, what a bond to break
I’ll be missing you
I miss you big
Speculations were flying around on who shot him. Retaliation for Pac’s death was the biggest one most thrown around one at the time. Most may not admit it now but New York artists and they labels were scrambling to get earlier flight back to the Big Apple fearing they may be next.
Man BIG I know you said you was Ready To Die but we I’ll Be Missing You and…
We’ll always love Big Poppa
We’ll always love Big Poppa (We’ll always love you Big)
We’ll always love Big Poppa (Yeah)
We’ll always love Big Poppa (We’ll always love you Big)


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