June 10, 2023
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SportsTalk With AJ Rok: Week 6 – Giants and Jets Lose Again

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SportsTalk With AJ ROK logoWasn’t much of a surprise to legions of Jets fans that are ready to revolt, that Peyton and company clipped the wings of the Jets, but even those who wrote off the Big Blue, got a Giant surprise and were left speechless at the prime-time beat-down that Philly handed the G-Men who are now 3-3.

Adding insult to injury was the lost of Victor Cruz for the rest of the season after he tore the patella tendon in his right knee. Murphy’s Law is in full e-f-f-e-c-t for New York Football this season.

Broncos defeated the Jets 31-17 making their worse start since 2007 ever worser (yeah I know that’s not a real word buts its appropriate), dropping them to dismal 1-5 record for the season.

On the other side, the Giants took their 3-2 record to Philly to take on the Eagles in prime time for the world to see, only to get stomped and shutout 27-0,

Rex Ryan who some feel with be out of job soon admits this is a low point in his career, “Yeah, I’d say so,” Ryan said one day after his team’s fifth straight loss. “But not by lack of effort.”

One never to give up, he adds, “We ain’t quitting. As we say, we’ve just begun to fight.” Oh yeah that’s sounds good, lets see what it looks like Rex. We are way past words, we need to see some actions of you want to keep your job.

Peyton who threw for three TDs Sunday, has 506 career touchdown passes, and could tie or break Favre’s record next Sunday at home against San Francisco. I guess if we looking for a silver lining at least he didn’t have one of those break-out games and break the record at the Meadowlands.

As for his younger brother, in the words of Jay Z, ‘What More Can I Say.’ Its been reported that Manning has the best record (30-7) in October among all N.F.L. quarterbacks during the Super Bowl era with a minimum of 20 starts, according to the Elias Sports Bureau, but damn if you could tell Sunday night. Reggie’s reign as Mr. October is safe. Eli’s 11 touchdowns, 5 interceptions, 13 sacks (six Sunday) and toss in a fumble for the season. The Giants O-Line didn’t even show up allowing Eli to be sacked six times and backup quarterback Ryan Nassib twice.

Ok give him props for not throwing his O-line under the bus for their lack of protecting him. “It’s not all on the offensive line,” he said. “Some of it is definitely on me, and I’ve got to do a better job of getting the ball out quicker and going through my progressions.” But truth be told he wasn’t giving enough time to do his job, but that’s still no excuse. Truthfully can’t put it all on Eli or even the O-Live cause the defense obviously couldn’t stop the Eagles to save their lives on Sunday night either.

Foles leads the NFL with 10 turnovers (seven interceptions, three fumbles), the Eagles entered with 11 offensive touchdowns and seven from their defense and special teams, but Foles and Co. didn’t need much help in this one. Wearing all-black uniforms for the first time in franchise history, the Eagles (5-1) stayed tied with Dallas (5-1) for the lead in the NFC East. They hadn’t shut out an opponent since a 24-0 win over the Giants on Dec. 1, 1996, at old Veterans Stadium.

Back To the Jets, despite a four-game losing streak going into Sundays game, the Jets weren’t ready to turn the season over to Michael Vick. Not sure what they are waiting for, I mean I like Geno, but his performance as of late is showing he just is not the dude, to carry this team.

The New York Post headline read Monday morning, ‘Why The Jets Should Stick With Geno.’ But after Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib was celebrating a 22-yard interception return for a touchdown that sealed Denver’s 31-17 victory Sunday at MetLife Stadium, handing the Jets their fifth consecutive loss, I can not agree with that. I do however agree with NY Post writer, George Willis when he wrote,

You can forget about Michael Vick saving the season; there is no season to save. At 1-5, the Jets are an early exit from serious playoff contention…

I still and will always support my NY teams but I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t say I’m disgusted with the performance of both squads at this point. I know it’s not safe to write off the G-Men just yet, a few wins in a row can get you to the top of the NFL Least Division but with Dallas and Philly tied at 5-1, the boys in Blue need to get it together and quick.

It was another rough week for New York Football Fans, not sure it’s going to get any better, anytime soon!

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WildMan Steve October 13, 2014 at 10:34 PM

I have to agree with him that Geno Smith is not that “Dude” to lead the Jets!! And not even Michael Vick can help them out at this point. The season is over get rid of Woody Johnson and bring in a winning owner that wants to bring the Jets back to NY!!

Black Westchester October 15, 2014 at 2:38 PM

Good point Steve, thx for your comment


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