Wealth-Building In The Black Community By Cynthia Truth

Greetings Black Westchester! Cynthia Truth here with you again. I’m on my way back from the All Black National Convention in Charlotte North Carolina. I spoke on a panel regarding the education of black children. The convention was held by Dr. Boyce D. Watkins, Founder and CEO of Boyce Watkins Enterprises. He is an educator of finance and economics, and advocates for financial intellect in the black community. There is no argument, that we need to hear more about financial independence. Dr Watkin’s organization will teach you about entrepreneurship, investing, and wealth-building skills. I highly recommend his work. You can access these very reasonably priced courses, and more information, at: https://theblackbusinessschool.com/

I am re-printing a portion of my convention speech here.

Let’s bring back Black Wall Street!  Let’s build the New Black Renaissance! 

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a commodities trader. Later I dabbled in real estate investing. So, I have a great deal of respect for teaching wealth building in our community. 

I’m going to be 70 in a year or two. When we were children we were raised to believe whole-heartedly, that black people were great people. All you had to do was get to know us! 

We were raised to believe that if we just did the right things, we would soon be a part of the big picture in America. I come from folks who actually picked cotton in the South – needless to say, their hopes were very high.

I was raised expressly to represent black people in the best ways possible. We were to look good and smell good, smile and always be polite. We were bred, to show white people that black people were good people. And that we fit in. 

I don’t blame you for advocating for wealth among African Americans. In essence it is the most important thing we need to do. However I would say, that we need to begin at the root and then work up towards the fruit. 

Hundreds and thousands of young black people will not receive the education they need to achieve financial independence. And it is not the fault of the schools, the teachers, or the curricula. 

Raising a child requires a skill set. We must spend more time directing young minds in the black community. It is not done, and it must be. Without the proper guidance, input, and demonstrated concern, for each and every child, they will (are) fall(ing) through the cracks. 

I’ve been working at this level of community reform, for over two decades now. I’ve thought it through. I’ve seen it all. I’m very old, and I remember who we were. I am suggesting that we all take a look at who we were, with regard to who we could be, and who we should be, when it comes to raising African American children. In many instances, the old ways were the best ways.

Yet we also need to look ahead. Say to yourself…What about in 50 years? What about the future? Don’t think in terms of what you know now. Think in terms of what we will all need to know, and what we will all need to BE, in 50 years.

We will never move on – if we don’t try something new or different. We will never move on – if we don’t go after something that seems too big to tackle.

Imagine if every single person had a full education sufficient to their needs. Now try to think where you would find poverty and crime, in that world.

We were once a noble people …But now our babies are being slaughtered. Our culture is being taken over by a criminal mentality. We’re almost sure to self destruct, or become extinct, as we spiral down into decadence, poverty, and most of the other seven deadly sins. 

What would you say if I told you that we have life completely backwards?

Between the ages of five and 18, are the only days in the lives of our kids, when they will receive education for free. Children should not be wasting time ‘just being kids’. As a 70 year old woman, I can tell you… letting kids be kids, is best left for grown-ups. 

We have it backwards. Work hard when you are young, to prepare for life – that’s when your brain is healthy and strong. Learning is much easier. 

Once you’ve gotten your future on track, THEN it’s the time to have fun and party. Having fun while being a kid only programs you to be an adult looking for fun kid stuff.

What purpose does it serve, to raise kids that are good at twerking? Or recording videos and taking selfies? Or having fun? 

We should raise our kids to be good at having a well-balanced and fiscally sound future. I’m not saying ‘eliminate’ being a kid. But we should also raise our kids to be the best adults they can possibly be. THEN be a kid, if you must. 

We waste a child’s best learning years, letting kids be kids. Let’s develop a laser focus on educating every single one of our children. We need to stop allowing them to make choices when it comes to their independence, freedom, and their commitment to preparing for adulthood. 

Freedom is best when earned. Not granted. We forget to instill this. Our children are not independent until they earn it. They do not earn it until they are fully prepared. 

We need to raise children to fully understand the importance of centering their young lives around learning. It can be done.

None of our problems are actually being solved.

  • We aren’t going to be able to stop angry people from coming into the world. 
  • We aren’t going to be able to make weapons disappear. 
  • We aren’t going to be able to reach everyone with mental insufficiencies or deter criminal activity. 
  • And we aren’t going to be able to simply convince the criminals to stop being criminals.

People are people. If we want to stop the madness, we need to raise better people.

I am not denying that we have been oppressed, that we have been abused, and that racism is systemic. 

But let’s differentiate between what they did to us, and what we do to ourselves. 

We should be discussing what we need to do for ourselves.

Many of our children do not possess a love for learning. They are not at all interested in education, or improvement. Or the future. 

We have not made it clear enough to our kids, how important it is to report to class everyday, pay attention, and avoid distraction. 

Children need to understand that life is hard and requires hard work. They don’t learn that when we defend everything they do and say, and insist that they remain children as long as possible. This is not working out for us. 

Children are resilient – they can handle any truth, if we present it to them properly.

In conclusion I would say that I am so happy and grateful to be invited to speak here today! It is my great pleasure to be surrounded by African American Genius! You have the right ideas, you’re moving forward, continuing you’re educations and becoming successful.

Now let’s take it further! We can do anything we want to in this day and age. Now would be the perfect time for us to resurrect Black Wall Street. 

Rednecks can no longer massacre entire zip codes of black people. If we wanted to create another Greenwood in Tulsa Oklahoma, or anywhere else, NO ONE could stop us. 

And yet we don’t. Until we take control of this thing, we will continue to look for hand outs.

If we need reparations let them repair our educational legacy. If we need to be reparated then help us get educated. We will be eternally scarred, because of the breaking up of our families and the denying of our education, during the American Holocaust of African people. 

My personal demand would be that reparative money go to free educations for all black children. That is the only form of reparation, that will repair our people, AND the nation.

No law enforcement officer anywhere, is killing black children that have full educations. 

No law enforcement officer anywhere, is shooting black children in the back, if they are doctors or lawyers, or master craftsmen or electricians or plumbers or stock brokers.

Good luck to us all and thank you for being here.