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WCPR Calls For Immediate Suspension Of White Mt Vernon Cop For Racist Facebook Post About BLM

The Westchester Coalition for Police Reform released the following statement to Black Westchester in response to the recent Facebook Rants and Comments made by White Westchester police Officers About Black Lives Matter…

The Westchester Coalition for Police Reform believes that the suspension of the New Rochelle police officer who went on a rant about having to protect BLM, protesters is a step in the right direction and shows that the department is holding its officers to the same set of rules that enables a fair and functioning society.

However this officer was not alone in his rant. Mount Vernon Police Officer Rick Castihano posted the BLM logo with the words Burglary Laceny Murder which shows an implicit bias that some not all officers have when it comes to the lives of Black people. To law enforcement and elected officials of Mount Vernon there must be accountability as this post is extremely offensive especially to those who have family members that are victims of summary executions and extrajudicial killings.

Blue Lives Matter and that was made clear when a Mount Vernon firefighter Lieutenant Omar Lanier allegedly posted his support of the gunman who killed the Dallas police officers. The City and its Officials felt that this was something they would not tolerate well Black Lives Matter too so are you going to discipline the officer for his post or will it just be tolerated?

The relationship between Blacks and law enforcement is already strained and these types of post are nothing more than divisive and widen the gap and although we recognize that law enforcement has an extremely difficult and dangerous job it does not excuse racist behavior.

As law enforcement officers you are held to a higher standard as you should because you have the ability to take a life and in your profession everyone should be treated fairly regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic status. These posts are red flags and I would not be surprised if in the future this officer is involved in some form of extra judicial killings or summary executions, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

The Westchester Coalition for Police Reform is making an urgent and serious request to the Mayor, Commissioner, and Chief of Police in Mount Vernon to suspend this officer immediately.

Discipline must be swift and not delayed because racism has no place in our justice system and just as you did not tolerate your Fire Lieutenants alleged support of a gunman who killed police officers in Dallas you should not support this.

Kenneth Chamberlain Junior
On Behalf Of The Westchester Coalition for Police Reform


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