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Westchester County ADA Calls The Mount Vernon Police Incompetent

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White Plains – Westchester County Assistant District Attorney, Ms. Prisco calls “the Mount Vernon Police Incompetent” and says “They need an overhaul of the Police Department,” in her summation, in County Court on Wednesday, May 10th.

“It is inexcusable that the Mount Vernon Police Department lost that evidence in this case. Inexcusable. To say it’s frustrating to everyone would be an understatement. But don’t confuse their incompetence with a conspiracy…

It’s not a conspiracy. It’s incompetence. And Gloria Nartey deserved better from the Mount Vernon Police Department. That’s for sure. There should be ramifications for police losing evidence in this case or in any case. And you heard it’s not the first time this has happened, because Detective Ibanez who was part of the team to recover the video in this case recovered video in another case that was lost, and he was sued federally.”

Rahsi McLean (27) from Mount Vernon was found not guilty of all charges in the 2011 death of 28-year-old Gloria Nartey, Tuesday, May 16th in Westchester County Court. The family and legal team of McLean are scheduling a press conference in the next week, calling for oversight of the Mount Vernon Police Department and announce the filing of civil rights lawsuit.

“We need to file this lawsuit and Call on the Governor to look into this ABUSE of Violation of Civil  RIGHTS!” informs Pam Hayes, one of the attorneys for the McLean family.”

The two officers in question of losing the video evidence, in this case, Detective Baltimore is now working with the Westchester County District Attorneys’ Office and Detective Ibanez is now working with the Nassau County PD.

There is apparently a pattern and practice in the MVPD violating policies and procedures when investigating homicides in the City of Mount Vernon. Many feel there needs to be oversight from a higher authority to investigate and if necessary prosecute officers of MVPD who have violated policies.

In January former members of the MVPD appeared on PBP Radio explaining there has been a pattern and practice in MVPD to violate policies and procedures when investigating homicides in the city of Mount Vernon. Collectively informing there was a need to be federal intervention to investigate and if necessary prosecute officers of MVPD who have violated policies.

In February 2017 a group calling themselves Mount Vernon Families For Justice held press conferences and rallied at City Council Meetings expressing their disappointment with the MVPD and how they have handled homicide cases calling for federal intervention. Kevin Shaw, one father, of a homicide victim, informed those in attendance that he has yet to get any answers or anyone to return his calls in what’s going on in his son’s investigation for over two years.

Naz Duncan,  mother of Wilbert “Junior” Francis who was shot 14 times and killed June 10, 2016 and founder of MAMAiAM- Mothers Actively Making A Differencehas been very vocal over the mishandling of her son’s investigation as well.

“I WILL NOT let my son’s death be swept under the rug hoping I will disappear. To this day, I have not received an update from the Major Case Squad (whom, I asked for when I was out fighting for other parents of slain family members resulting in my own home being shot at). I’m depressed and perplexed beginning to feel like my son’s death is not a priority for your departments, all murders, shootings and any forms of criminal activity should be a priority.”

The McClean Family and their lawyers will consider all their legal options.  Assistant District Attorney Ms. Prisco said in her summation; “So obviously, there should be ramifications for that type of thing. Someone should be disciplined. Someone should be suspended. Someone should be terminated. They need an overhaul of the Police Department. They should change the way, obviously, they do things.”

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Carlton Beckford Dozier May 18, 2017 at 1:12 PM

Sounds to me that there is mass corruption in the MVPD. How do you lose video evidence in a homicide case? That sounds deliberate to me. The two police officers involved were allowed to move on with any internal investigation whatsoever. Unsolved homicides that is a nightmare for the victims families. Overhaul the entire MVPD.


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