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Westchester Black Political Conf. Supports Rep Maxine Waters

A call for all black organizations to stand with Rep. Waters, and denounce this administrations mistreatment and debasing of her, her IQ, and her freedom of speech.

As a black woman who is a registered Democrat and faithful voter, I am appalled at the lack of solidarity shown by our party toward Rep. Maxine Waters in the wake of the continued attacks aimed at her by 45.

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s during the Reagan years I remember Congresswoman Waters fondly.

My recollection goes back to the 80’s and the Crack epidemic, which devastated communities of color, under President Reagan, which is why I will never see him as an American hero because of this fact. During this period in history Congresswoman Waters went on the National stage, along with investigative reporter Gary Webb, and spoke up for her constituents in South Central LA, and the surrounding areas. She interviewed Ricky Ross, the South Central drug dealer and his lawyer to investigate their claims that the CIA SOLD HIM COCAINE! All why Nancy Reagan was saying JUST SAY NO! It was the age of blatant hypocrisy, and too many of us, my parents at the time, brought the lie

Maxine Waters is one of my Sheroes because I remember her testimonies, speaking truth to power toward her colleagues in Congress and demanding our government be responsible for their illegal activities that devastated communities for generations.

What did our Congress do? Double down with the War on Drugs under the first Bush and Clinton Administrations, usher in Mass incarceration.

But I digress, Congresswoman Maxine Waters has always been on the front lines is the point I really want to drive home and now with 45 in charge she is not backing down. THANK YOU!

During his administration the CIA funneled cocaine into the United States, this was government sanctioned and funded, to pay for US initiated wars Central and South America, funding the Contras with drug money, then that flipped money funded the war in Iran, hence the Iran-Contra scandal.

What started our as cocaine sales led to crack sales, this story is currently chronicled in FX;’s series Snowfall, and black and brown communities on the West Coast, in South Central, LA, which is in Rep. Waters’ district, were hit first and hard.

Watching this series play out as a historical docudrama makes me relive my combination of anguish at the influx of drugs into black communities, that was government sanctioned, and my hope in the leadership of Rep. Maxine Waters, who we now affectionately call ‘Auntie’.

This term has been adopted by women across America, after finding her unapologetic criticism of 45 in agreeance with their refusal to accept him as our President. Women from all over the nation gather as part of the ‘Women’s movement’, united in purpose, which is resisting this administration, and all that it represents. ‘Auntie’ Maxine has spoken out against him and has called for impeachment.

Rep. Maxine Waters again, has represented the desires of the populace she serves but this time on a more national front and as an advocate for women. Time and again, she has spoken out against this administration, and has echoed what so many women in America have said and felt. Trump has called her a woman of low IQ, his base calls her an idiot for bring the notion of impeachment to the public prior to him being sworn in, which is what most of us in the Country wanted.

He constantly lies to his base about what she says, and lately lied about he calling for violence against his supporters then following up with a threat, that she should ‘watch it.’

My expectation from fellow democrats in congress, and the women who have been energized by the ‘Women’s movement’ come to her defense. It is reprehensible that a sitting President conduct himself this way against a women who speaks our truth against him. I am squarely disappointed in Rep. Pelosi, and Senator Schumer, the two minority leaders in Congress in their lack of chutzpah in not defending Rep. Waters as she is attacked repeatedly by 45.

I call on all black organizations that claim to represent the communities they serve to stand with Rep. Waters, and denounce this administrations mistreatment and debasing of her, her IQ, and her freedom of speech. I call on the women in the pink hats, who she speaks up for stand up for her. I call for those who have come from immigrant communities to stand up for her and denounce Trump and his supporters who call her dumb and ignorant to stand up for her. I call for the Muslim community and the Nation of Islam to stand up for this black woman who repeatedly stands up for equality and justice.

Sadly, I have low expectations, because as a black woman, I know first hand how little we matter to many in America, but at a time like this we have to band together if we seek to survive this administration.

Tasha D. Young – Vice President/Co-founder
Westchester Black Political Conference

[Editor’s Note: 24 hours after BW received this Op-Ed for publishing from the WBPC, Ebony Magazine released a story, titled Racist Restaurant Owner Tells Rep. Maxine Waters, ‘Go Back to Africa’.]

“Maxine Waters, shut your big fat lips, no one wants to hear your rasium remarks…Go back to Africa where you’re from,” was the message received from Caddy’s Restaurant owner Judy Talley Maxie, who shared the racist comment on Facebook.

Sandy Bernabei, founder of the Anti-racist Alliance is calling for the restaurant to be closed down;

“Shut Caddy’s down now! Restaurant owner Judy Talley Maxi, Call 804-794-3007, 13312 Midlothian Turnpike, Midlothian, VA 23113, South of DC near Lynchberg,Va,” she wrote on Facebook.

“They just hung up on me!!! Call them constantly, Bernabei tells BW. “These people do not know who they are dealing with! Call and never stop calling! How dare these ignoramus speak this way to Maxine Waters and expect to remain open???”

Others around the county are also coming to Auntie Maxine’s back. Nearly 200 black female leaders and allies outside of Congress have signed a letter calling on top congressional Democrats to defend Rep. Maxine Waters after she was criticized by members of her own party for urging people to protest President Donald Trump’s Cabinet members in public spaces. The group includes a mix of local elected officials, religious leaders, academics, activists and political consultants — including some men — who felt Waters was unfairly treated and want Democratic leaders in Congress to apologize.

“Make that 201 black women….I also agree that top Dems owe Rep. Waters an apology,” WBPC’s Tasha Young tells BW.



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