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Warning Signs Of A Volatile MV School Board Trustee by Greg Bonaparte

I ran Candice Sorensen in May 2021. The district needed an advocate for special needs, and Hispanic students.  I just reviewed my notes and text conversations with Candice Sorensen. Because of the volume received, many were read for the first time.  

Sorensen sent dozens of screen shots of her fellow board member’s group text conversations. Other sensitive information was sent. In a text, she asked me to delete them because she was aware that she was doing something wrong. I am sure, other individuals also received sensitive information from her.

Sorensen told me that she routinely records executive session meetings. It is reported that she allowed others to listening in on executive session meetings, by way of her open phone connection. Sorensen informed me that two members on the board were determined to block any policy that Board President Adriane Saunders brought forward.  Sorensen said that these same board members met and attempted to remove Adriane Saunders from the board because her husband, me, was exposing problems in the district, and made the board look bad. Children were not being educated, receiving services, and many were forced to attend schools that had dangerous building conditions. The group discussed our daughter, and the possibility of punishing her. The truth is, Sorensen was part of those discussions.

Education, and safety took a back seat to personal attacks. Children suffered.  Sorensen constantly picked fights with her fellow African American board members. In a September text, she called Cynthia Turnquest-Jones, an ass. In a phone conversation, Sorensen said that she did not like Turnquest-Jones. I questioned Saunders about the revelation. She confirmed the tension existed but made it clear that Turnquest Jones was effectively handling Sorensen. In a phone conversation, Sorensen made disparaging remarks about Wanda White. She was incensed that Saunders and White were friends and vacationed together. 

On Sunday, October 3rd, 2022, Saunders, Sorensen, and Mitchell were scheduled to meet at our home, to discuss Sorensen’s volatile behavior. Mitchell could not attend, so Saunders and Sorensen spoke with him on a speakerphone call. At some point, Sorensen began screaming at the top of her voice. She was yelling at Warren Mitchell and began calling him Warrant. Continuously, Mitchell asked Sorensen to refrain from calling him Warrant, but she continued to do so. Mitchell officially became Sorensen’s new target of hate.

I was informed that the Warrant taunt continued after that day. Calling a Black man Warrant is degrading. It is a play on his name, Warren. It is also a racial stereotype, rooted in the belief that all black men have warrants filed against them. Sorensen zeroed in on Warren Mitchell and began targeting his children. On October 5th, Sorensen sent a text that read “Warrant and his kids out of the district” Sorensen was hell bent on going after Mitchell’s children, and soon found out that they were in the district. She believed Mitchell received special treatment and cut a deal to keep his children out of the high school. She said she was going to look into Warren Mitchell’s children.  Sorensen was unfairly and viciously targeting Warren Mitchell.  She crossed the line by targeting his children. 

I told her so.  

In many board meetings, Sorensen had emotional outburst. She admitted such to me. On at least one occasion, she was forced to make a public apology regarding her behavior. However, the outburst directed at her African American Colleagues continued. It was reported that during one meltdown, a few board members were concerned that Sorensen may have a weapon in her pocketbook. Adriane Saunders and Candice Sorensen’s relationship deteriorated because Saunders began to side with board members who became targets of Sorensen’s abuse, especially Warren Mitchell. On a number of occasions, Sorensen told me that she was angry with Adriane Saunders for “not having her back”. Saunders was now officially the new target of Candice Sorenson. Adriane and I began receiving angry ranting, and unhinged negative voice text messages. These messages automatically erased after they were played.  We received dozens of them.

On election night, May 17th, 2022 Candice Sorensen had a violent, emotional breakdown.

She verbally assaulted Adriane Saunders and Lorna Kirwan. These women just won their election. It was a disgusting profanity laced tirade, which offended many witnesses in the building. Sorensen busted into the conference room and verbally attacked Saunders. The action took place in front of the business department’s employees, who were there to count votes. The employees were traumatized. Sorensen then cornered Lorna Kirwan in the hallway, and verbally assaulted her. Candice Sorenson’s targets were the African American election winners. There were 3 winners present at the district that night. The Caucasian winner was never approached by Sorensen. Later in the meeting, in a Trump style move, Sorensen was the only Trustee who did not honor the will of people, by certifying the final vote. Both Saunders and Kirwan desire to file charges against Sorensen. 

Sorensen has pushed for the appointment of Warren Mitchell to replace a vacated trustee seat. She is afraid that the new board will pursue charges against her, for her actions on May 17th. Warren Mitchell has become an unexpected ally and has protected Sorensen’s bullying.  I guess he doesn’t want any of her heat.

Adriane Saunders became a victim of Candice Sorensen’s bullying because she stood up for Warren Mitchell, as well as others on the board. Everyone deserves protection from bullying. It has destroyed the educational system throughout this country. Sorensen called Mitchell a derogatory racist name, which should offend everyone. She also attacked his children. She will do it again. It is apparent that Sorensen needs to have a “beef” with someone at all times. It was once Cynthia Turnquest-Jones, Wanda White, and Warren Mitchell. Now it is Adriane Saunders and Lorna Kirwan. It is reported that Sorensen was the Trustee partially responsible for illegally targeting the Denzel Washington Principal with false charges.

Sorensen displays a tremendous amount of negative energy, without lifting a finger to educate children in Mount Vernon.  

It is obvious to me, that Candace Sorensen is a bully, racially insensitive, and has violated every school board law imaginable.  I am willing to share my text evidence to anyone named here, or anyone who may have an interest in these issues. Warren Mitchell, Cynthia Turnquest-Jones, The Mount Vernon School Board, The New York State Education Department, and The NYC Department of Education, please contact me.

Bullying is the number one problem plaguing students in schools. Sorensen’s behavior is very troubling and sends a bad message to Mt Vernon students. I urge The NYC Department of Education to monitor their employee’s social media accounts and take action against anyone who violates common decency. Violence generally appears on social media first.  Are NYC Students safe? Are Mt Vernon children safe? There are serious warning signs here. Candice Sorensen needs an intervention before she hurts someone. 


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