Warden Volmer’s Selfiegate Continues! More Unauthorized Jail Photos Surface on Social Media

***Story updated, Friday, Oct 28, 2016 at 9:57am***

Valhalla — Just a few days after the Power Selfiegate scandal, when Black Westchester Magazine has been informed that the infamous Instagram post by 50 Cent with actor Omari Hardwick who plays Ghost on the Starz Series Power and suspected drug trafficker who goes by the name Mata, BW has now learned of more pictures posted on social media taken from inside the Westchester County Department of Corrections.

The “Power” Selfie of Ghost & Mata went viral on social media and led to questions of security protocols that lead to the suspension of Warden Karl Volmer, a 32-year veteran of the Dept. of Corrections.

Now two more pictures surfaced on social media. These two were posted on the Instagram account of Morgan Krista Modugno, the 2016 winner of the Miss Westchester Pageants. Krista posted pics of her, her sister Amanda M. Modugno, the Deputy Director of Westchester County Tourism & Film, Amanda Modugno (in white holding her son) and Claire Danes, who plays Carrie Mathison, a CIA case officer assigned to the Counter Terrorism Center in the Showtime series Homeland a role that won her back-to-back Emmy and Golden Globe Awards for “Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Drama.”

The second pic posted by Miss Westchester is of her nephew and her with The Flash‘s Patrick Sabongui, who play a CUNY law professor who works with Carrie on Homeland in a recurring role. The two pics were posted in August when Homeland was filming in the Westchester County jail, but have resurfaced after the “Power” selfie scandal that led to the Westchester wardens suspension.




In a quick search on Instagram by BW, several other pictures surfaced that were taken inside the Westchester correctional facility. On the Westchester County government website under policies its states:

Visitors are not permitted to smoke, carry tobacco products or use cellular telephones or other mobile devices on the grounds of the Westchester County Jail. These items should be secured in your vehicle or left at home if you plan to visit.

That said, from our quick search on Instagram (see below), it is obvious these rules do not apply to celebrities, who are given special privileges to take selfies with inmates by the warden, Westchester County beauty pageant winners or those on the premises filming. If that is the case, then exactly why was the Westchester warden suspended.

County Executive Rob Astorino stated he didn’t know this was going on when asked by News 12’s Ty Milburn, he stated “It definitely not good,” and “We’re clearly taking this serious.” But it hard to believe he did not know what his Deputy Director of Westchester County Tourism & Film was doing and if he didn’t therein lies the problem.” County officials have some explaining to do.


According to information given, these pictures were taken behind a secure area where no cell phones are permitted. BW has just been informed that the federal inmate Matthew Draper known as Mata has since been moved from the Westchester Jail to an NYC jail. Stay Tuned to BW for more on this developing story.


  • Amanda M. Modugno pictured in the first picture wearing white and holding her son is a Republican Party operative. The warden should not be suspended. The Republican Party Deputy Director of Tourism Amanda Modugno should be immediately dismissed.

  • Amanda M. Modugno
    Deputy Director of Tourism
    Tel: (914) 995-8501
    E-mail: amodugno@visitwestchesterny.com

  • Amanda M. Modugno
    Deputy Director
    Tel: (914) 995-8501
    E-mail: amodugno@visitwestchesterny.com

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