Breaking News: WCDOC Warden Gets Suspended Over “Power” SelfieGate

14813642_10153923179617411_83646949_nValhalla –  Westchester County Department of Correction Warden Karl Volimer has been suspended, Tuesday, for allowing Ghost to take a selfie with an inmate and post it online.

BW reported that Warden Volimer, a 32-year veteran, allowed Omari Hardwich who plays Ghost on the Starz series, Power and his friend who is an inmate in the jail to hang out on the 2nd floor multi purpose room. Warden Volimer did not make Hardwick go through the metal detector before entering the jail and allowed him to bring his cell phone. Hardwick in full ‘Ghost’ character, dressed in orange prison gear took a selfie with an inmate that went viral on twitter with the hashtag #FreeGhost.

The “Power” Selfie that was probably just meant for a little pre-promotion for Season 4 of Power, prompted jail officials to launch an investigation into who took the photo and why a cellphone was allowed in the facility, which is against regulations.

It was a great market ploy for Power, who will be introduced to a whole new (WHITE) audience who may have been familiar with the show, but not a wise decision on the wardens part. Many will tune in to see the season 4 premier to see what parts were shot in Valhalla.

“This whole incident is embarrassing to every rank of every officer of the Westchester County Jail, Damon K. Jones, NY Rep of Blacks In Law Enforcement of America. “Unfortunately those involved got manipulated by the master manipulator 50 Cent.”

On Monday, jail officials told News 12, that no security protocols were breached and that it is up to the discretion of the warden to allow cellphone usage.

While this isn’t much information available, Black Westchester has been told that Warden Volimer has been suspended without pay on Tuesday. Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

Power returns to STARZ during summer 2017.