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Is it a War on Black People or Good Old Law and Order Policing?

Can Communities of Color Survive this So-Called Law and Order President

President #45 has claimed to be the law in order President. His recent decision to give a Presidential Pardon to former disgraced Sheriff Arpaio, who was found guilty of disregarding a Federal Order. To pardon a campaign support who had violated court orders is full of hypocrisy. So it seems like the “Law And Order” President supports those who ignore the Order of the Law.

In a verdict issued against the disgraced Sherrif Arpaio, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton said evidence demonstrated Arpaio’s “flagrant disregard” for another federal judge’s order that halted his signature immigration round-ups. Furthermore, the court noted that immigration round-ups were not mandated state duties of a county sheriff.

Prosecutors from the Justice Department’s Public Integrity section shown how Arpaio and his deputies illegally detained 171 individuals after Snow’s December 2011 injunction.

President #45 pardon has defied logic, law and procedure. Pardons are usually the determination by the Justice Department. Justice Department policy, calls for a waiting period of at least five years before the consideration of a pardon application. 

It has been reported that President #45 had requested before Arpaio trail from Attorney General Jeff Sessions if the government could drop the criminal case against Arpaio.

President #45 pardon has shown a disregard for the US Constitution and a slap in the face of ethical and moral values of the office of the Presidency. President #45 has sent a message to law Enforcement that there is no accountability for their actions.

The pardon comes right before President #45 and Attorney General Sessions roll back of many Obama safeguards over policing and especially the 21st Century Policing model.

Recently at a Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) conference. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Administration would restore the 1033 Surplus Sharing Program.

The 1033 Program was created in the 80s as part of the National Defense Authorization Act. It allowed the government to give military equipment to local law enforcement departments.

President Obama through an executive order put limitations on the 1033 Program through an executive order after an outcry from police reform activist and progressive Law Enforcement on how many police departments were misusing military equipment against protesters throughout the US.

Many law enforcement oversight advocates feel that Presidents #45 Administration is reinforcing the “Warrior Cop” mentality and the continued militarization of our police departments.

As Black Law Enforcement, we are not surprised by the FOP support. The history of the FOP and Black Officers, the organization, historically has never supported the issues, norms and values that reflect the true transformation of policing as it relates to Black community relations.

The militarization of the police department has caused concern from many organizations and legal scholars. Most believe that the transformation of U.S. police departments is therefore volatile and dangerous. Just as significant, the militarization of many U.S. Police departments present a constitutional crisis.

As stated in an earlier statement called Militarization over Community Policing. The “Militarization” concept contributes to a transformation of the character and landscape of policing in the United States. Militarization has replaced community policing in many parts of the U.S. With militarization has brought forth a “destroy” and war mentality held by many police officers and, in response from civilians, a massive distrust of the police by the populace.

We have also stated that Attorney General Sessions plans to roll back decades of police reforms. The possible cut backs on federal oversight of police departments. These police departments have shown pattern and practices of civil rights violations. These actions if taken will be devastating to black communities and a setback in police and community relations.

Even Coretta Scott King, the wife of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 1986 letter criticizing the Attorney General for his violations of black people s civil rights should give anyone a silent pause to the adverse effect this administration will have on oversight of Law Enforcement.

While President Obama expressed concerns and enacted policies to better the relationship between Law Enforcement and the communities of color, President #45 has tapped into the “Racist DNA” of Law Enforcement. President #45 is reinforcing the stereotypes, bigotry and racist policies under the rhetoric of Law and Order and supporting Law Enforcement.

As Black Law Enforcement Professionals, it’s our opinion that the pardon of disgraced Sheriff Arpaio, the reinstatement of the 1033 Program, the resurgence of another War on Drugs, and roll back of decades of police reforms. President #45 refusal to recognize and condemn the racist acts of Protester in Charleston, VA  gives a clear message to Black, Brown and the immigrant communities will be open targets for law enforcement under the administration of President #45.


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