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Voting Poll Reader’s Survey

Concerns of possible local voter suppression

I received several calls from other voters who state their polling location has changed and they never received anything alerting them to that fact. They looked up their voting locations on the state website and the county website and got two different locations.

For the purpose of this story, I am asking everyone who is reading this (and please forward it to others) to check their polling place on both the NY State website  and the Westchester County website and if you can email me back and let me know did the websites give you the same polling place, two different polling places or a new polling place you do not usually vote at.

We are talking about voting on June 23rd, not the early voting locations that are different and you can find here if you don’t know where to go

For the purpose of this story, I do not need your name but the municipality you live in and the aforementioned info whether both websites (NYS and Westchester County) gave you the same polling location or not and if your polling place has changed and you were not alerted.

Thank you very much in advance, I want to be able to take this information to the Board of Election if there is a conflict. Please forward this email to others, I need a good sampling from various municipalities throughout the county for my story.

Please do right away and get back to us – email us at – by Sunday, June 14th (the earlier the better) so I can do my story Monday, June 15th. You can also leave you answers in the comment section below.

Thank you again for participating.

AJ Woodson
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