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Ruling that Village of Garden City Intentionally Discriminated By Zoning Out Affordable Housing, Upheld

Nassau County Must Now Stand Trial for Affordable Housing Steering Policy

Stanley Brown, lead counsel for the plaintiffs and a partner at Hogan Lovells US LLP in New York City, said:  “We hope that Garden City and Nassau County will now work with NYCC and MHANY Management to bring affordable housing to Garden City and other communities where it is needed.  Truly integrated communities is the goal.”

FHJC Executive Director Fred Freiberg congratulated the plaintiffs and their outstanding legal team and stated, “This decision should heighten the resolve and embolden fair housing advocates in New York and throughout the nation to challenge governments that employ discriminatory land-use and zoning practices aimed at excluding people of color and promoting residential segregation.”  Freiberg added, “This case gives us hope that even when the animus that inspires such egregious discriminatory conduct is simply masked or subtly disguised, it is still possible to obtain a just outcome and put a stop to these lawless and harmful practices.”


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