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UNITED WE STAND? Mayor Does Not Invite City Council To UNITY RALLY – By Councilwoman Roberta Apuzzo


UNITED WE STAND. This Historical Motto of the July 1942 flag-cover campaign has been in popular use since the time of the American Revolution. It originated in the fourth verse of a 1768 patriotic ballad, The Liberty Song, by John Dickinson.

During the Civil War, the phrase became a rallying cry for the Union cause. By the early 20th century, labor unions had taken up the slogan as a call for solidarity in the struggle for better working conditions.

In World War II, United We Stand invoked not just American patriotism but unity among the Allied nations, as expressed by Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands in her address to the U.S. Congress on August 5, 1942: “United we stand, and united we will achieve victory.”

Most recently, in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the phrase United We Stand, reemerged along with the flag as Americans confronted a new national crisis.

Now in The City of Mount Vernon in July 2016, at a time when our country is in a State Of Severe Unrest, we all should be coming together in a non political way to not only pay respect to those who recently lost their lives across the nation, but also to raise awareness of the necessity to rally for peace and justice. This should be a time when are elected officials and community leaders stand together for the betterment of the community. This should be a time when we show the residents of Mount Vernon a united front.

But this morning there was a Unity Rally at Hartley Park with our County Executive Rob Astorino,  Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas, officials from the Mount Vernon Police Department along with many youths in attendance. Conspicuously missing from this meeting were members of the City Council AGAIN! As a member of the council, I had not received any information for such an event and I find this very alarming. I have come to find out that this was promoted on Facebook and on Lohud.

“Our nation is ripping apart” in the wake of recent shootings that have gripped headlines and squeezed tensions between the police and public — but now is not the time for revenge, Rob Astorino said Tuesday at the rally.

Increasingly disturbing was that when I arrived at work at The Soup Kitchen in The Armory, people were asking where is the peace rally? I could not answer?
Previously the council was not informed about The National Day of Prayer, that we should have been at.

When I confronted Mayor Thomas he told me that it would not happen again, IT HAS! As a concerned member of the council, I am so very disappointed that the Thomas Administration who claims he wants to always collaborate with the council, failed in this attempt to do so on such a vital issue.



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