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Union Refuses To Help C.O. Because He Spoke With Legislators

Retired Correction Officer Ricky Maxwell continues his five year quest to regain his medical benefits that should have never been taken away

Westchester County — Retired Westchester County Correction Officer Rickey Maxwell got hurt on the job in the line of duty in 2011, but because he had less than four years on the job at the time of his injury, Westchester County Department of Corrections (WCDOC) denied him healthcare benefits. After five years of unsuccessfully going through the proper channels, with no real assistance from the union, Officer Maxwell decided to break his silence in an exclusive interview with BW, January 23, 2016. Officer Maxwell also appeared on episode 66 of the People Before Politics Radio show, a week later January 31, 2016, to share his story as well.

Officer Maxwell left with few options after repeatedly sending certified letters to the head of the union and others, in addition to the Black Westchester Magazine interview took to getting the word out on social media. He also started to attend the Board of Legislators meeting and decided to tell his story there, after empty promises and being told we are working on it for you and we will get it through.

After speaking at the County Legislator’s meeting Officer Maxwell, was told ‘every time you go to the legislators you push the delay button on your situation.’ Even though COBA Vice President Neil Pellone spoke with Officer Maxwell on the November and asked Maxwell to basically stand down until March, Maxwell finds himself uncertain if he can truly trust another promise for his Pomco Medical benefits that he is entitled to.

“Why should I believe any of them in the union since they have been lying to me since 2012,” Officer Maxwell shares with BW. “How are you [Vice President Pellone] going to do it when President Alonzo West hasn’t managed to get it done since 2012.”

Black Westchester Magazine has obtained the audio of that November 2016 conversation between Officer Maxwell and Vice President Pellone and share it to help shed light on Officer Maxwell’s fight for his medical benefits for his family. (check out the conversation in its entirety below.)

At this point, Officer Maxwell has been left to do whatever he can in his fight to regain his medical benefits he should never had been taken away in the first place. As promised Black Westchester Magazine will follow this case until it is resolved.


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