The Urban League of Westchester And Comrie Enterprises To Launch Heatsmart Clean Energy Campaign For New Rochelle, September 30, 2021

In conjunction with the Urban League of Westchester County, Comrie Enterprises, LLC will launch Adopt Clean Energy in New Rochelle on September 30, 2021, at 7 p.m. as one of the most recent New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) sponsored community outreach campaigns.   Adopt Clean Energy educates customers about the benefits of clean heating and cooling technologies, connects contractors to customers, and helps residents make the switch to electrification. 

A similar campaign launch was held on July 8, 2021, in Mount Vernon, with a wide array of guests participated, sharing their urgency about the need for action against climate change. Congressman Jamaal Bowman, who represents both cities and is Chair of the United States House Science Subcommittee on Energy, headlined the Mount Vernon launch and will headline the New Rochelle virtual launch.  He reminded the audience, “It’s my job to fight for continued green energy resources and continue resources to make sure we’re creating a pipeline for young people to learn about the environment, learn about their relationship to the planet, and learn about their place in problem-solving in terms of our energy and environmental needs.  So, I will continue to fight and do that work.”

Other state and local leaders in attendance included Ruth Hassell-Thompson, NYS Special Advisor of Policy and Community Affairs; Jamaal Bailey, State Senator for 36th District of the NYS Senate; Gary Pretlow, Assemblyman for 89th Assembly District, NYS Assembly; Ken Jenkins, Westchester Deputy County Executive, and Derrick Thompson, President Pro Tem, Mount Vernon City Council. Con Edison’s Jane Solnick, Director Con Edison Corporate Affairs, and Greg Elcock, Director of Energy Efficiency and Demand Management. 

New Rochelle residents will view the virtual launch on Zoom by registering on the website It will introduce residents and property owners to the benefits and the necessity of heat pump installation as one significant way of saving our planet. The invited speakers will include New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson, New Rochelle City Council members, New Rochelle’s representatives to the New York Senate and Assembly, and members of the Westchester County Executive office Con Edison Representatives, and heat pump contractors.

A member of the Adopt Clean Energy team will be presenting details of heat pumps previously installed in a home. The presenter will examine the costs, duration of work, customer satisfaction, energy savings, and monthly energy bills. The presenters will focus on the many sources of funds available for clients of all income levels, even low-income clients, to finance heat pump inst. Members of the audience will be permitted to ask questions.

Marc Morial, President & CEO, National Urban League, upon learning that Adopt Clean Energy will focus on Mount Vernon and New Rochelle, commented, ” We are very proud that the Urban League of Westchester has been selected to lead this effort to develop community awareness and to help build a clean energy workforce in these communities. 

 Adopt Clean Energy is a limited-time campaign designed to accelerate New Rochelle and Mount Vernon’s transition to super-efficient heat pump technologies.  According to Sorraya Sampson, President & CEO, Urban League of Westchester, “Clean energy improves air quality as well as the health of a household and community. People with lower income spend a larger percentage of their earnings on energy costs. Our communities need accessible and affordable clean energy. This expansion of the Clean Heating & Cooling campaign in Mount Vernon and New Rochelle will help reduce the overall cost of the purchase and installation of clean technologies.”

 The virtual launch for this clean heating and cooling community education campaign also hosted an information webinar for potential program participants. Attendees met Adopt Clean Energy team members and partnering contractor Zack Fink from ZBF Geothermal to learn about:

* Ground-source (geothermal), air-source electric heat pump, and heat pump water heater technology;
* Substantial incentives now available for heat pump systems;
* Services and support that Adopt Clean Energy can provide.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has awarded over $9 million to support nearly 20 HeatSmart Community Campaigns throughout the state, which conduct community outreach and education efforts to inform residents about the benefits of heat pumps, home energy efficiency improvements, and other clean energy technologies.

 Doreen M. Harris, President and CEO of NYSERDA said, “Together with the Urban League of Westchester and Comrie Enterprises, we are increasing access to high efficiency heat pumps in underserved communities and are ensuring that no New Yorker is left behind as we build out the State’s clean energy future. The Adopt Clean Energy grassroots campaign will allow more households to save money with clean energy and foster greener communities by lowering harmful emissions.”

Nearly a third of New York State’s climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions come from its buildings. Comrie Enterprises, LLC is the Adopt Clean Energy Campaign Director, a New York State minority and women certified business and energy consultant working over the last two decades to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions and address the effects of climate change on New York State housing stock.  Now that Southern Westchester County is experiencing a gas moratorium, heat pump technology awareness is vital in Mount Vernon and New Rochelle.

“The time has come to embark on clean energy alternatives to limit the negative impact fossil fuel has on our atmosphere,” says Diana Williams, President of Comrie Enterprises, LLC. “New York State’s plan to replace gas and oil boilers with heat pumps will help to create a much-needed clean energy economy devastated by COVID-19.   With new types of jobs for heat pump installers, more people can join the job market.”

NYSERDA promotes energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. These efforts are vital to developing a less polluting, more reliable, and affordable energy system for all New Yorkers. Collectively, NYSERDA’s efforts aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, accelerate economic growth, and reduce customer energy bills. NYSERDA works with stakeholders throughout New York, including residents, business owners, developers, community leaders, local government officials, university researchers, utility representatives, investors, and entrepreneurs.

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