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A National Coalition Calls On Black Communities To Turn Off The Radio: A Day Of Action Set For October 15, 2016

Believing that there is a direct correlation between the senseless, murderous violence prevalent in the streets of the nations Black communities and the senseless, murderous music lyrics that dominate the air waves on Black music radio, a coalition of Black organizations and community leaders are calling on African-American communities to turn off “Killer Radio Stations” and to withdraw consumer support from the primary sponsors of these stations, starting with McDonald’s.

Our concern is that the music goes well beyond simply glamorizing violence and moves directly to calling for murder, gang rape, and the degradation of Black women. This lyric is one of many, “Try me i’m gonna get his whole mother f—ing family, I hate niggas. I’m a nazi, I wear black all the time”. Or this gang rape lyric ”Give that ho some X (the drug ecstasy) she gonna want to sex every nigga in the set.”

The lyrics encourage illegal and immoral behavior while literally teaching values that are antiBlack, anti woman, and anti life itself. Since the radio stations and their sponsors refuse to make any adjustments to format and music selection, this national Black leadership coalition is calling on all people of integrity to take on the full responsibility to clear the airwaves.

October 15, is the day everyone is asked to turn off killer radio and begin to withdraw our consumer support from their sponsors and to maintain these economic sanctions until the stations make adjustments to their formats. Consider this, every time our children tune into a music radio stations that targets them they are being called “niggas,” and their mothers, sisters and grandmothers are being called “Bi—s and Ho’s” (whores.) Too much Black music is being censored out by music programmers who place an undue emphasis on killer lyrics, and the degradation of Black women.

The minds of an entire generation are being corrupted by music and video images that target Black youth in particular for the consumption of vile and vicious sentiments. Join us October 15, and shut them down. No more killer music! Turn Off Killer Radio!

This Campaign Is Endorsed By: Clear The Airwaves Project. Bob Law,The National Black Leadership Alliance. Rage Against The Ratchet. Hood Research,Detroit. Urban Information Network. Committee To Eliminate Media Offensive To African People, CEMOTAP. Central Brooklyn Leadership Council. Fathers United To Raise Awareness, FUTRA St.Louis. The Peace Keepers. Javon Johnson,Empowering Youth Towards Excellence. CEMOTAP, Los Angeles. Rev. Eugene Carson,


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